This week’s Harlequin Books video features: How to Be an English Gentleman from Mills & Boon and Getting the Call with Jennifer Hayward

Our Harlequin Books Youtube channel is packed with book trailers, interviews and behind the scenes features. Take a look at two videos this week: How to Be an English Gentleman from Mills & Boon, and Getting the Call with Jennifer Drogell (Jennifer Hayward.)


If you want to be the perfect English romantic hero, there are a few things to remember: keep cool, dress appropriately —and avoid quail! Check out the full list of requirements in this "instructional" video from Mills & Boon on How to Be an English Gentleman.


One of the biggest career thrills for a Harlequin editor is the moment she calls a debut author to offer her a publishing contract with Harlequin.

In just a short time one of our editors will be making the call to let our So You Think You Can Write 2014 winner know she's been selected from hundreds of other authors to be the recipient of the ultimate publishing prize. Last year Tanya Wright received that call for her Harlequin Kiss book, If Only… And in 2012 our winner was Jennifer Drogell (Hayward), author of The Divorce Party.

Share the excitement as Mills & Boon Senior Executive Editor Joanne Grant calls Jennifer to tell her the good news.

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