So how’s SOLD! doing? Harlequin Minds Want to Know!

We started the SOLD! blog about two months ago in the hopes of giving some pertinent, useful information to would-be Harlequin authors.

And we want to thank you for the tweets and retweets, the comments, and most of all for coming back!

We do think we’ve achieved many of our goals–but it’s equally important to make sure we’re getting things right for you!

So we’d love some feedback–what have been the most useful posts? Which ones do you want to see more of? Which ones can we skip over if the information is elsewhere?

Should we concentrate on more “The Call” stories? Insights into editors? Into authors? Fun bits? Continue to focus on the lines (though we’ve covered many of them so will slow down there a bit)? Repurpose more writing tips? Go over the SYTYCW2013 elements? Discuss some of the page ones that weren’t reviewed there? Have some additional Story Starter things just for this blog? Work more closely with the Harlequin Community? Highlight some other things that Harlequin does with authors?

We’re open to some experimentation in the hopes of giving the most relevant and important information to you, the would-be authors.

So sound off if you would, and let us know what you want to get from us!

Thank you!