Harlequin/Mills & Boon is the home of romance, and no matter your background or community, we want to read your love stories! If you’re a writer from a community you feel is under-represented when you browse the bookshelves for romance, and think you could write for us, we want to hear from you. We’re always looking for new authors across all the twelve series we publish, so whether you write an intensive, sexy page-turner, a gripping romantic suspense, or a pulse-racing medical romance, we’d love to see your love stories!

To fire up your imaginations, we are holding a Twitter event on Wednesday 11th July, 2pm-5pm BST/ 9am-12pm EST. This will be a chance to speak directly with Harlequin editors from across all the romance series we publish around the world, and to pitch us your story ideas! All you need to do is include the hashtag #RomanceIncludesYou in your tweets to join in the conversation.

You’ll also be welcome to pitch us your ideas using the hashtag! If a story idea you pitch grabs us by the heartstrings, we’ll ask you to submit a synopsis and first chapter (via harlequin.submittable.com) by 2nd September, and we promise to give feedback by 1st October. But fear not, if you don’t have a pitch together by 11th July, you will still be able to submit your story to us to be considered.

But how do you decide which of our fabulous series you want to write for? Click here to download free books from all the romance series we publish, and watch out for an introduction to our Harlequin series coming later this week.

We’ll also be posting blogs and writing tips throughout the summer to help you perfect your submission, and this is just the start of our ongoing commitment to make sure that #RomanceIncludesYou at Harlequin. Our editors are also only ever a tweet away, so if you have more questions, get in touch – we can’t wait to hear from you!

19 replies on “#RomanceIncludesYou”

That’s awesome
so how many ideas can one pitch?
and could we pitch to two or three different lines at the same time?

Thanks a lot, That’s just great

Great opportunity. I have an idea for the Medical line that I would like to pitch. Thank you Harlequin for creating so many opportunities for us aspiring writers. Looking forward to this.

EST is Eastern Standard Time (New York)
BST is British Summer Time (London), which is several hours ahead of EST

Is Harlequin opening to LGBTQIA submissions or are they only seeking straight/cis stories for the lines? (Excluding Carina, who I know seeks LGBTQIA submissions)

Hi Harmony,
Currently our series focus on a romance within a heterosexual relationship. We do feature LGBTQIA characters and relationships in Graydon House and Inkyard Press (aka Harlequin TEEN), as well as Carina.

Is Nocturne accepting again? I thought the line was being discontinued? If so is there a new Paranormal line taking it’s place?

Hi Sabrina,
Unfortunately, Harlequin is no longer acquiring for Nocturne. However, our digital first imprint, Carina Press, does accept submissions for paranormal romance.

I know that you do not do Nocturne anymore but If I pitch a paranormal romance might it be considered for Carina?

Hi Tiffany,
The Carina team host their own pitch events periodically. And you can submit to them at any time.

If we already have a submission in with one of the Harlequin lines and it is In-Progress, can we still pitch?

Thanks. I’m so taking advantage of this opportunity. I’m visually impaired and just starting out as a writer.

I would love to do this opportunity. I even have a pitch worked out. But, I don’t think I fit into the underrepresented community.

Is it correct to assume this twitter pitch is in the thread of #OWN voices? As a AOC it has been especially disheartening to see what looks like co opting occurring on this if it is.

As much as I LOVE Harlequin and want to write for them one day, they’re not exactly known for their diversity, and being an AoC (more like AAoC the extra a for aspiring) it’s a bit on the disheartening side. That being said I kind of understand why so many people are jumping at the chance to pitch and it’s not out of malice I don’t believe (at least I hope). A lot of people believe they’re parts of underrepresented groups in romance, or will do mental gymnastics to put themselves there to take advantage of the opportunity of pitching their ideas.

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