My Ultimate Crush: Rob Lowe

Happy Monday everyone! This week’s Ultimate Crush is by Carina Press author, Lynda Aicher and we have to say, it is just so lovely! Enjoy! 

Growing up, my ultimate crush was Rob Lowe. I loved that man and his posters covered my walls. I thought he was absolutely the most gorgeous man and watched every movie or show he was in. He was “The One” of my teenage years.

As I matured (way matured) I’ve come to realize that my ultimate crush still has the same facial characteristics that I latched onto with Mr. Lowe. The strong square jaw, high forehead, easy smile, stunning eyes and shorter hair—that is my man.

I’ve also grownup enough to realize that it takes a lot more than looks to make a man worthy of crushing on. Now, my ultimate crush has those looks, is confident and sure, but backs it all with a tenderness he isn’t afraid to show.

He is caring of others, nice to children and grandparents. He laughs openly and knows how to laugh at himself. He touches a lot, small strokes or brushes when he’s near. He’s in good health but not obsessed about staying fit. He does little things to make my life easier or to see me smile. He isn’t perfect—not by a long shot, but he also doesn’t claim or try to be.

Fictional or real, my ultimate crush is a man who is strong while remaining gentle.

*Sigh* We couldn’t agree more with @LyndaAicher and what about that Rob Lowe!
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