My Ultimate Crush: Fan Favorite James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser

We’re back once again with our special Sunday Ultimate Crush for all of our readers impatiently waiting for this week’s installment of Outlander. Here is Special Edition author Christine Rimmer on why Jamie Fraser is the perfect romantic hero…

105-be-right-hereMy Ultimate Crush is Jamie Fraser in Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  To me, Jamie is the perfect hero.  I love that he’s good and honorable and always tries to do the right thing. He’s also smart and strong and so very hot.  With a great sense of humor. And (spoiler alert here) he’s a virgin who’s saving himself for just the right woman—his time-traveling heroine, Claire.  (end spoiler alert)

In a romance, the temptation for authors is to make the hero so alpha that we want to strangle him while we’re loving him. This creates lots of yummy tension—but it can also make us wonder how much hope there will be for living with said difficult, fatheaded alpha know-it-all in the long run. 

With Jamie Fraser, there’s no doubt that living with him for a lifetime (or several lifetimes) will be pure joy.  He’s a fine man who wants a true equal in a woman.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the final installment from the Jamie Fraser Ultimate Crush club…we sure have!