My Ultimate Crush: Khal Drogo

Harlequin Presents author Michelle Smart (@chellebellwrite) has us wondering how on earth we missed this devilishly handsome star in this week’s Ultimate Crush! 

khal drogoKhal Drogo. Is the name familiar to you? I’m guessing it’s only familiar if you happen to be a fan of Game of Thrones. Which I am. Massively. If you don’t know who he is, do an internet search on his name. Then do a search on Jason Momoa, the actor who plays him. Done? Good. Now let me explain why Khal Drogo is my Ultimate Crush.

When we are introduced to this fine specimen of a man (all bronzed, dark, manly six-foot plus of him) we don’t have to be told that this is the ultimate of all alpha men. He is a powerful warlord, a man without conscience, a man who takes what he wants, when he wants with no thoughts of consequences. His arranged marriage to Daenerys Targaryen is nothing more than a matter of convenience – he wants the most beautiful, exotic bride in the world and with Daenerys, that is exactly what he gets. A trophy.

jasonAt the start of their marriage, Khal Drogo wears both the literal and figurative trousers. Daenerys is a virgin and terrified of her new husband (quite frankly, I don’t blame her). In the TV show, the consummation of their marriage is quite rough, but in the book he shows a tender side I really wish had been brought to life on the screen. Regardless, as their marriage progresses and Daenerys learns to appreciate herself as a human being and learns to embrace her sensual side, she brings out a new, softer side to him – not in public, of course, but behind closed doors (tents in this case). He falls in love with her and it is the most joyous thing to watch, this huge brute of a man following his beautiful wife with a tenderness in his eyes that lets you know that if anyone harmed a hair on her head, he would rip their own head from their shoulders. From being his trophy, she becomes his equal and their love for each other shimmers both off the page and off the screen. Just glorious.

Incidentally, I almost plumped for Tyrion Lannister. I know that physically he’s the polar opposite of Khal Drogo, but he makes me laugh and you know he would be excellent company on a night out.

There you have it! Michelle’s Ultimate Crush! Now we’re crushing on Drogo… you’re crushing on Drogo, we’re all crushing on Drogo! Is there enough of this drop-dead-gorgeous hunk to go around? We hope so! If not… which other Game of Throne stars should we be taking notice of? 

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Now I’m going to spend the rest of the day imagining a double date with you, me, Khal and Tyrion. Oh what a night!
Best Ultimate Crush Ever!

I still cry at the episode with Drogo in Danaerys dream holding the baby… *sniff*

Have you SEEN the aquaman poster with Jason momoa? if not,-Google it!

YESS Amanda! I was already going to watch Aquaman–cuz you know, it’s Aquaman and Atlantis–but my gosh… -drools- 2017 couldn’t have been further!

SEriously…is this Game of Thrones? I thought it was full of incest, infidelity, child murder and general nastiness.

The series (books and TV) can be pretty dark and George R.R. Martin doesn’t shy away from the gore. It’s definitely not a “Middle Ages without the Dirt” type of fantasy. But it’s not all Doom and Gloom. As Michelle notes, the relationship between Dany and Drogo isn’t as rough in the books and you get to see how their feelings develop for one another over time. There are other positive relationships in the series as well, like Catelyn and Ned and a very unexpected pairing that I can’t say without spoilers. Sadly, we can’t count on HEAs in Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire though!

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