My Secret Crush: Lana Kane

We’re back this week with another #EditorCrush from HQN and Desire Editorial Assistant Tahra Seplowin who reveals her #SecretCrush on Archer‘s Lana Kane…

Sexy, hilarious, and utterly endearing despite her weakness for men she should never date, agent Lana Kane is my secret crush. A large part of the hero worship I feel for her might be wishing that I could kick butt and deliver witty lines as efficiently as she does as unfortunately, I’m more the type who comes up with the perfect retort the next day.

Surrounded by egotistical people at her day job, Lana’s clever mind, sharp tongue, and and impressive backbone are very prominent characteristics of hers and certainly things that she needs to rely on constantly to survive in her high-stakes career. She’s a strong believer in doing the right thing even when it’s difficult. Mix that in with her wicked sense of humor and genuine warmth, and she’s the kind of heroine that I never get tired of.

And, let’s face it – no one rocks a sweaterdress like she does. I’m pretty sure she’d respond to that statement with a loud, resounding, “Yup!”

Thanks, Tahra! We all love to see a strong heroine stealing the show! Who is your ultimate heroine #SecretCrush? Tell us below in comments.