My Secret Crush: Han Solo

Excitement is mounting for the highly anticipated upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But Carina Press author R.L. Naquin might be more excited than some as she reveals her #SecretCrush on Han Solo!

My Ultimate Secret Crush is…

Han Solo. By writing those two words, I just flashed my geek card and my driver’s license. Yes, I am old enough that I saw all the original Star Wars movies in theaters when they first came out. Several viewings. It was a magical time.

But the fact that I’ve loved Han Solo for so long proves that he can withstand the test of time. This is not a fleeting crush. This is forever.

Please don’t judge me.

So, what makes Han Solo so irresistible to me? For starters, who doesn’t love a bad boy? When we first meet him, he’s a rogue. A scoundrel. A smuggler. And when Princess Leia meets him, she calls him a “stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder.” That’s harsh, but pretty spot on.

He’s in it strictly for the money.

But is he really? No! Just when he’s needed most, he swoops in during the big fight and distracts the Imperial fighters long enough for Luke to get in there and destroy the Death Star. Hooray!

Over the course of the next two movies, we watch Han and Leia grow closer, and Han even risks his life to go out into the freezing landscape of Hoth to rescue Luke (again). For a stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder, he certainly turns out to be a good friend. And smart. Not everyone would think to shove their friend inside the warm body cavity of a freshly dead tauntaun to keep that friend from freezing to death. He didn’t even care about the smell. That’s friendship.

By the second movie, The Empire Strikes Back, Han and Leia are obviously in love, though she hasn’t fully committed yet, since the silly girl isn’t sure if she’s also in love with Luke. And so, we watch the dance of the confused love-triangle—and each time Han thinks she’ll choose Luke, he’s willing to honor that decision (wrong as he is about it) for Luke and Leia’s sake. Because he’s a good guy, even if he is a bad boy.

But he knows she loves him. In fact, when she finally tells him as he’s being dragged off to be frozen in carbonite, he gives her that sexy half smirk and says the classic line that geek girls everywhere long to hear: “I know.”

Nobody could pull that off but him.

In the end, of course, Luke’s genetics take him out of the running (and Leia pretends she knew all along that he was her brother), but not before a classic “Big Misunderstanding” pulls Han and Leia apart for a little while. But it was never going to be Luke. How could it be?

Even Leia loves a bad boy. Don’t we all?

We certainly know our editors at Sold! love a bad boy, but what about you? Do you have a #SecretCrush on a bad boy? Tell us below in comments!