Malle Vallik Tells Us Why to Write for Harlequin!

Malle Vallik, Director for Editorial Digital Initiatives, recently spoke at an RWA conference in Florida about why you should write for Harlequin. She gave a lively presentation with lots of images, asides, stories and information. Malle’s in-person presentation would be a lot more vivid, but here are a few points from her speech…

The Five Key Points about Publishing with Harlequin

#1 – Lots of Publishing Opportunities

Romance is leading the way

  • Digital First program
  • Prequels/Sequels
  • Cosmo
  • Print and digital footholds
  • Over 75 series books a month
  • Over 120 total books a month

#2 – Author/Editor Relationship

Harlequin Editors are everywhereway

  • Traditional methods
  • Social Media – Twitter,  Harlequin Community
  • Outreach – Harlequin Blog, SOLD! Blog, SYTYCW
  • Chapter Visits
  • Judging
  • Working with the “slush” pile
  • Developing relations with agented and unagented authors
  • Conferences
  • 83 new to Harlequin authors acquired in 2012
  • Over 50 series editors regularly acquiring
  • Build relationships with authors over the years
Your Editor Represents Your Book

#3 – Harlequin Brand

  • Everyone knows our name – we are a destination in print and digital
  • Commited space from print and e-tailers
  • Marketing company as a whole
  • We are trusted by readers
  • Explore new programs


#4 – Publishing Expertise

  • Relationships with Cosmo
  • First major publisher to have all digital frontlist
  • Trying different elements–Harlequin Digital First program

#5 – Harlequin Author Network

  • Dedicated Concierge
  • Access to Print and Digital Sales
  • Communication with all areas of the company
  • Latest news
  • Marketing info

And another visual!

Key Strengths to Write for Harlequin

There are many more reasons, of course, that we think we’re the best publishing company in the world! We hope that you agree as well.

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Happy Writing!