Love Inspired Tip Sheet

This tip sheet was given out a recent conference. But we think everyone should get the benefits of knowing what–and who!–Love Inspired is all about!

Love Inspired Books



What we publish:

Love Inspired publishes 6 inspirational contemporary romance books a month.
55-60K words.

Love Inspired Suspense publishes 4 inspirational romantic suspense books a month.
55-60K words.

Love Inspired Historical publishes 4 inspirational historical romance books a month.
70-75K words.

Love Inspired Heartsong Presents publishes 2 historical & 2 contemporary romance novels a month.
45-50K words.


Who we are:

Tina James, executive editor

Melissa Endlich, senior editor @MelissaEndlich

Emily Rodmell, editor @EmilyRodmell

Elizabeth Mazer, associate editor

Shana Asaro, associate editor @Shana_Asaro

Giselle Regus, assistant editor @Gigiquin

Emily Brown, editorial assistant @EmilyBrown126

Kathy Davis, acquisitions editor of Heartsong Presents


Find us on social media:

Twitter: @LoveInspiredBks (and follow above editors for more tidbits)

Facebook:  LoveInspiredBooks or HarlequinBooks Community: To interact with a community of writers and for opportunities to pitch to editors, check out Harlequin’s online community forums


How to submit:

Click on “Writing Guidelines” and find the line you’re targeting


Quick tips for writing for the Love Inspired lines:

  •  Small town settings work best for all the lines.
  • We love hooks such as cowboys, reunion romances, Amish, babies, animals & much more.
  • Books submitted to LIS need to be high intensity suspense from start to finish, not mystery or cozy mystery. The hero and heroine need to be in danger throughout the book. It should be equal parts suspense and romance.
  • LIH will consider books set up until World War II. Western settings remain ever-popular, but other time periods are welcome as well.
  • Love triangles do not work for the lines. We need to be able to identify the hero and heroine on the back cover.
  • We prefer that the faith element in our stories be intrinsic to the story rather than didactic. It should not mention or focus on any one denomination.


Other Opportunities at Harlequin:

Harlequin Heartwarming: This line is actively acquiring “clean” romances of 70,000 to 75,000. These emotionally dramatic stories are similar to Love Inspired but without the faith element. Here are the Writing Guidelines.

So You Think You Can Write 2013:  This week-long global online writing conference is held yearly, and has lots of specific blogs, posts, podcasts and streams about writing for Love Inspired along with other Harlequin lines, and general writing tips.

Thank you, Emily Rodmell, for sharing this information!  It’s a fantastic quick precis of what Love Inspired is all about. Now there’s no excuse not to send in your manuscript! 🙂