Let’s write a #TeamLoveStory!

We’ve so loved seeing your answers to the #WritingChalleges – what a fab array of exciting and imaginative authors you are! So, we couldn’t help but wonder what might happen if we pooled all of that talent to come up with one whole romance…

And so the idea for #TeamLoveStory was born. We’re going to provide you with an opening snippet, and we want you to finish the story! And we can’t wait to see where you take it!

Just remember: follow on from the previous snippet, fight any inclination to finish the story quickly (it’s a long weekend in the UK – we want to see how much you can write by Tuesday morning!) and let’s see what a fun, exciting romance we create together!

Without further ado, your opening lines:

The subway doors slid open and a tide of humanity poured out, while James was jostled and pushed by the crowds forcing their way on the train. Who’d be a commuter? He said this to himself every day of the week, and yet here he still was.

He finally managed to squeeze his way on, just as the doors were shutting behind him, when he heard a scrambled yelp and turned to see a girl, her hair tumbling out of a loose ponytail, clutching an overflowing bag in one hand and a coffee cup in the other, trying to force the doors apart.

Instinctively he leaned into help her, catching a whiff of perfume, as he pulled her on board.

“Thanks,” she said breathlessly, “my boss will kill me if I’m late for work again.”

The train moved forward suddenly, and her hand jerked, spilling hot coffee all over him.

Ready, set… write! Go #TeamLoveStory!

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James bit back the yelp of pain as the hot liquid ran down the front of his pants and onto his dress shoes…his new wing tips.

“Oh, no! I’m so sorry.” The woman stuck her head into the overflowing bag. “I’m pretty sure I have some tissue in—”

“Please, don’t.” While she scrambled around in the bag, she tipped the cup again. James made a grab for the cup, his fingers brushing hers, sending tingles of awareness up his arm. Or maybe it was more hot coffee. He prayed that’s all it was. This woman might be attractive, but she also appeared to be a walking disaster.

Her head snapped up and she glanced briefly at my hand wrapped around hers, steadying the coffee cup. She lifted her wide eyes to mine. “I did it again,” she gasped. “I’m usually not this clumsy. Honestly. It’s just that…”
She paused and tilted her head, gazing deep into my eyes. “Are you all right?”

James snapped his gaping mouth shut and cleared his throat. “I’m fine.”

He just hadn’t ever seen that shade of blue eyes before. Almost purple.

LOL…sorry. My current MS is in first person, past tense. Guess I’m in the zone. Replace “my/mine” with “his”.

“I’ve got a change of clothes at my office.” He moved his gaze from her eyes, tried to ignore the floral scent invading his nostrils once again. He had a sudden empathy for her boss. She was as beautiful as she was clumsy, he thought.

Drina tried to ignore the heat spreading through her from the slight touch of his fingers. She was to marry another. The match had been made. Still there was something different about this man. Something that she needed to unearth.

Without thinking about it or the possible consequences from the elders she pulled a card from her bag and handed it to him. “I’ll be here tonight.”

He took the card, glanced at it and back at her. “You want to tell me my future?”

Drina shook her head and smiled. “No, I want to tell you who you really are.”

The commuter car surged once more and she tried to grasp one of the safety straps overhead, which drew her even closer to James.

He couldn’t help but notice her sweet curves, especially when the car lurched again and her softness came in contact with his wet shirt and slacks.

“Sorry,” he said. He wasn’t sure why since she had spilled the coffee on him first and seeing the moisture soak into her cream blouse had him mesmerized.

He was intensely not sorry.

She squeezed her eyes shut. Thank goodness the sudden lurch of the commuter car had distracted him from the card. What on earth had possessed her to invite a stranger to tonight’s fun fair? Her one time to let her hair down and have a little fun with her hobby.

Especially a stranger who dressed in – what was clearly an expensive – Savile Row three piece suit and brand new wingtips. On the face of it, a man like this would never be seen dead at a fun-fair when he could be at a five star restaurant instead.

But she knew better than to take anyone simply at face value – especially someone with such a twinkle in his kind eyes.

As for professing to tell him who he was, that had him curious. He could imagine Miss Cute gazing into her crystal ball and coming up with…

At least she hoped that was kindness in his eyes. It didn’t bare thinking about right now. She had enough on her plate with delivering her bosses presentation to him before his general meeting with the new board members. Before that she had to do something about this coffe stain on her blouse.

“No I’m sorry.” She said, putting more space between them. At least as much as the crowded car would allow.

It would get better as they moved along the route and she could maybe slip away before she embarrassed herself even more.

Could this day,have been more embarrassing? First,I spill coffee on him, then I try to grope him too. Then, I turn around and invite to a reading. What was I thinking? My mother always said I was an accident waiting to happen. Can this train go any faster?

Instead the train began to slow down and the automated announcement for Bay St. As the next stop came over the PA.

“This is me.” James said.

Drina looked up into his steel grey eyes and tried to think of something intelligent to say, but all that came to her was, “please let me pay for your suit to be dry cleaned.”

“Don’t worry about it, accidents happen.” James gave her a slight smile.

The train came to a complete stop and the doors whooshed open.

Drina expected him to step by her, but James hauled her against his larger frame as he pulled her out of the human tide exiting the car. He turned and handed her down into an empty seat and gave her that slight smile again as he was the last to stepped off the car and the doors closed behind him.

As the train pulled away from the platform James watched it depart, thoughtfully turning Drina’s card over in his hand.

“Without further ado, let me introduce the internationally renowned Adrianna Fletcher. Drina, the floor’s all yours.”

As Ms Fletcher strode confidently onto the make-shift stage to begin her presentation, James found himself open-mouthed and gaping for the second time in as many hours. And all because of the same woman. Yet this wasn’t the fumbling, clumsy, bag-lady-style woman, who had thrown her coffee all over him this morning. The woman whose loose ponytail left soft tendrils falling around her face making his long-dead fingers itch to clear them from her face as he tucked the glossy strands behind her ears.

He hadn’t recognised her back on the commuter car, accustomed only to seeing her on television, a Supreme Court judge in the UK, her long judicial wig and gown lending her an air of gravity and solemnity. And before that, with her unbroken track record and razor sharp mind, Ms Fletcher had been considered one of the top international Human Rights lawyers with the UN.

James glanced around the packed room, little wonder that lawyers had flown in from across the country to hear her presentation. With a start, he realised that his musings had distracted him from listening. Hastily he dragged his attention back to the clear-cut, assertive voice from stage, but his fingers couldn’t help sneaking to the card in his pocket, turning it over and over as his mind whirled.

Abruptly he clenched an angry fist around the thin card. Unlike the lawyers here, he hadn’t come to hang on her every pertinent word. He was here for one reason only – to demand of the illustrious Ms Fletcher what the heck she thought she was playing at.

He *had* intended to confront her here in front of all her peers, to challenge her on her latest high profile ruling which – whilst appropriate for that case – now left dangerous loopholes resulting in far reaching ramifications for people like him. Lay people, trying to earn a living.
There was no way it could have been an oversight, minds like Adrianna Fletcher’s simply didn’t make mistakes.

Although…the ditsy woman he’d met this morning could challenge that belief. And he couldn’t deny that the card – and more notably, *Drina*’s accompanying comments – were now running around his head. Perhaps confronting her wasn’t the answer after all. Perhaps there was another way to approach the judge in her. If he went tonight, might he find another way? Maybe it would be fun to uncover the woman’s unexpected vulnerability, and then exploit it.

Admittedly such underhanded tactics weren’t usually his style but it might meant the difference between his company’s survival, and its downfall. And he knew the woman on that stage could more than handle herself. The fact that the softer side of the same woman – the side he’d met on that train – had aroused emotions in him he’d long thought buried, had absolutely nothing to do with it.

I apologise straight away if it isn’t etiquette to post two snippets back to back, (I made sure I left 12 hours between the two, but still…?)
If not appropriate, please absolutely feel free to discard, I’m not precious about it (I ain’t no hobbit on a quest LOL) x

I do hope you’re going to write the next scene, Charlotte, I’m really enjoying this. And full of admiration that you can think of ideas so quickly and express them so well!

Drina paced the stage like a tiger her dark lilac eyes sparkled and snapped as she spoke. She truly enjoyed lecturing about the law. Actually she loved the law probably more than anything.

Relationships with men were never as exciting as taking on legal work that challenged her as much as the law did. That was why it puzzled her why she had been so impulsive this morning.

But she couldn’t think about the handsome stranger with the steely grey eyes right now, she would be too distracted to finish delivering the presentation.

She was back mid stage, taking a quick sip of water when she glanced up and saw him, the man from this morning on the train, his eyes drilling into her.

“This concludes the lecture portion of our seminar.” Drina said as she staightned her notes on the lectern and clicked the mouse to move the presentation screen to ‘Questions’.

Looking back at the assembled crowd, Drina found his grey eyes again and looking directly at him she said; “I would like to open up the floor for questions now.”

She could see he had some burning issue he wanted to get off his chest, time to defuse the situation she thought.

James meet her gaze steadily as he slowly stood., unfolding his tall muscular frame.

“I have a question,” He said not needing the mike. His voice carried across the length and breath of the room.

Drina could feel the audiences attention completely focus on this man. There wa something about him that drew the eye to him and commanded everyone’s attention.

She wait for him to continue.

Was he going to ask about how she came by her judgement of the Spector vs. Ross fraud case? Or the Litt vs. Hardman defamation suit?

“So what are you doing after?”

Drina blinked. Seriously?

“So this is how you intend to spend your week in New York?”

Even the vibrant revelry of the fun fair couldn’t disguise that rich voice. Drina looked up slowly, trying to ignore the way her heart tapped out a little dance in her chest as she kept her voice level.

“What are you doing here?”

“You invited me,” James smiled, twirling her card between his fingers as if to jog her memory. “If I wanted to know who I really was, you said. Remember?”

She remembered. She remembered a lot about that short commute in this man’s company. She remembered wondering what it would be like to date him – and then suddenly she was asking him out before she realised what she was saying.”

“That was when I thought you didn’t recognise me, let alone be attending my judicial seminar,” she shrugged. “Call it an uncharacteristic impulse in a foreign country.”

And one that she wouldn’t be repeating.
“So now you’re dismissing me?”

“After your little performance in my seminar today?” she raised her eyebrows at him but her voice stayed quiet. Years of training had taught her emotion rarely helped. “Can you blame me?”

At least he had the grace to look apologetic.

“You’re right, I’m sorry about that. Call it *my* impulsive moment.”

“Call it, you-know-who-I-am-and-you-want-

something-from-me,” she corrected with a regretful smile. She should be used to it, male suitors who weren’t so much interested in her, so much as what she could do for them.

Drina waited for him to deny it and the silence hung between them, sounding louder in her ears that all the shrieks and screams of fair-goers. Then to her surprise, he nodded his head.

“If it makes any difference I really didn’t recognise you on that commuter car. But you’re right, back in that room I did want to speak to you about something.”

Even though she’d known she was right, it still didn’t stop a dart of disappointment from skimming through her.

“But not here, not tonight,” he glanced around them before flashing her a cheeky, boyish grin. Before she knew what was happening, he had taken her hand as if they were high school kids and tugged her gently to a duck hunting booth.

“If I win you a cuddly toy will you give me another chance?”

‘If I wanted to know who I really was…’ is such a great hook! Who could resist reading on. And I think I’m in love with James already!!

Drina smiled up at James.

“I don’t even know your name, sir.” She pulled out her haughty tone.

“James,” He said. Then, when she raised her eyebrows at him again, “James Edward Greenspan.”

“Nice to meet you James.” Drina held out her hand and James engulfed her smaller hand with is larger, rougher one. The texture of his hand was pleasing to her touch.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He said and Drina heard the subtext loud and clear in his tone.

His smile widened at her expression. “Don’t look so started Your Worship. I’m sure men are trying to get beneath that haughty exterior of yours at least once a week. You are too beautiful to leave alone.”

Drina relaxed at the sincerity in his voice. “Not so much, no. I think the wig and robes scares them too much.” She smiled in return.

James released her hand slowly. “I don’t scare easily.”

“No, I don’t imagine you would,” Drina murmured gently, believing him. But it was that calloused hand, the firm grip, which interested her most.

That definitely wasn’t the soft hand of an office-bound lawyer. She’d suspected as much that afternoon and now he’d confirmed it. But what was he? A business, surely, but where? South Africa? South America? Somewhere her rulings must have had an unexpected impact.

Greenspan, she rolled the name over in her head. Surprisingly it didn’t mean anything to her – and she never forgot a single detail of any of her cases. She stored the information away for future consideration when he’d left her for the night. Until then…

“A cuddly toy, huh? By all means, give it your best shot,” she offered an impish grin as she waved at the stall. “Then, if you’re lucky, I may show you how it’s really done.”

“Indeed? I have to say, I like a good challenge.”

A ripple of excitement rippled through her at his loaded tone, and the dominant stance he took as he raised the plastic bow and arrows. It was reckless, and it was silly, but for tonight, she was just going to go with it. What was the worst that could happen?

LINE 4 – a *businessman* surely, but FROM where. Sorry – perils of writing directly into the Comment box without proof-reading!

Ugh and two ripples – lazy! Sorry

Charlotte, I’ve loved reading everyone of your parts in this.

Really everyone’s has been great and it’s really been fun to see how where each person has taken the story.

Vicki, thank you so much! Yes, I LOVE reading everyone’s take on the story too. Gutted when I log in and there’s nothing new to devour! Shame that there are so few of us, perhaps because it’s bank holiday and everyone seems to be away? 🙁

Oooh, yes Yvonne, that’s a fab idea – I liiike it! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

I think you guys should take comfort in the fact that there are so few of you – you’re the ones that can think on your feet! I’d love to take part but I can’t think fast enough (slow brain to nowhere I’m afraid). But I am enjoying the ease in which you follow on from each other’s scenes – you are so talented. Keep it going!!

The worst that could happen is the elders finding out and telling my betrothed. She hadn’t even met the man the elders had contracted her parents with and before today she was okay with following her father’s custom, but not now, not after meeting James. She looked up at the stars filling the night sky and wished more than anything it could be different.

Drina’s phone began to buzz. Pulling it from her pocket she smiled as she saw her mother’s picture on the screen. She glanced at James who was just about to shoot the arrow and said, “I need to take this. It’s my mom.”

Walking a few steps away, she answered. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Are you okay? Is everything fine with you?” Her mom asked.

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Last night I was meditating and knew you could never marry someone you’ve never met. Your father agrees and has spoken to the elders, asking them to stop the contract.”

Relief flooded Drina at the same time James arrow connected in the center of the rings.

“Now do you want to tell me about this man you’ve met or will you call me tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow for sure, but it might be late in the day,” Drina said and disconnected the phone.

James turned smiling as he held the cuddly cat with purple eyes. “So…still think you can show me how it’s done.”

I needed to put something that tied up the part/fixed the part I put way up at the beginning about Drina being betrothed to another man.

Yay Vicki, I’ve been itching for you to pop back in and write another dose of sexy nocturne (I’m sorry I rather mangled the ?empath? storyline you started, but I did remember she was meant to be betrothed to another and was hoping you’d take that further) 🙂

“Child’s play.” James said as he handed Drina the plush yellow chicken he had won for dropping nine out of ten targets.

“I think I’d like to see what you could do on a proper archery range.” Drina said, slowly running her hand down the soft yellow synthetic feathers.

She wondered where this flirty tone she was toying with came from. Words were just coming out of her brain and through her mouth without a filter, however from the heat in James eyes, it seemed he didn’t mind.

“I would welcome the opportunity.” He gave her s slow sexy smile.

“I think it’s my turn now.” Drina turned to the game next door and picked up a miniaturized rifle off the counter. “Could you hold Tweety for me please.” She handed her prize off to James and paid for her turn on the target shooting carnival game.

Drina gave the game a quick once over and then the bell rung starting her round. She shot each target in turn including the bonus targets that spun, ring the bell each time until her round ended.

The grizzled carny gave her a dirty look as he wave his hand toward the selection of prizes shaw qualified for. “Just pick one.” He muttered.

“I’ll have the crocodile please.” She turned to a nonplused James.

She offered the him the crocodile. “For you.”

Loved this – flirty, sexy, bada$$ – beating him at his own game 🙂 – And fantastic choice of a crocodile for him! ROFL

James grinned at the crocodile, then at Drina. “I’m not sure what this says about me.”

“Ah yes, I am supposed to tell you about your true self aren’t I?” Drina’s dark lilac eyes sparkled with amusement.

Drina leaned against the railing on the balcony. She’d told James about his life, about the moments he hadn’t thought anyone would or could know about and about his future. A future filled with two children and wealth beyond his imagination. But it was the last part that had her shaking her head in wonder. Had she really told James he was her forever? She looked over her shoulder to the bed where he still slept, the sheets barely covering him and felt the ripple of excitement flood her.

In that moment, she appreciated what it was her parents truly shared between them. James was her soul-mate, just as her father was her mother’s. And maybe she could have the same.

The irony of it didn’t escape her.

Even now, she could recall with painful clarity the despair from her loving parents when she’d told them she was abandoning her true path. Since then she’d spent her whole life running away from her gift – although, on the most superficial level of her mastery was the basic ability to read people easily, something which had translated well into her career with the law.

That her gift was what had brought James to her…well, she could well imagine the Fates were mocking her.

“Drina, come back to bed,” the silken voice was close. Warm breath pricked the hairs on the back of her neck and as his arms closed around her, making her feel cherished.

“What are you doing?” he nibbled her ear, then teasingly lifted his hand. “You can read my palm if you like. I’ll even let you have my tea leaves.”

Drina froze, her hands fluttered nervously along the cold steel of the railing.

“Coffee grinds,” she muttered.

“Say again?”

She should laugh it off, he’d meant it as a joke but he had no idea how deep his words seared her. Honed, her talents could have shaken even the staunchest skeptic, but she hadn’t honed them. She had buried them. And it didn’t take a gift to realise that any fragile bonds they’d forged last night had been cut by the cold light of day. He liked her, Drina knew that, enough to humour her in order to go on seeing her.

“You don’t drink tea, you drink coffee, so it would be your coffee grinds. And I don’t do that. Nor do I sacrifice small animals to inspect their entrails. These are enlightened times, James.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it. But you have to agree it sounds…far-fetched.”

He didn’t believe her – not at all, Drina started. What had she done?

Even if her father *could* convince the Elders to cancel the contract and, as much influence as her father wielded, there was no guarantee that they would agree, they would still never accept her marrying a non-believer. And then, James would be in grave danger.

Drina choked back a sob. She had forty eight hours to convince him, maybe less. If not, she’d have to walk out of his life and never look back. There was no other way.

Thanks SOLD Editors, for getting rid of that mess so quickly! I don’t know what caused the system to take a such offence but it *really* did LOL 🙂

Also, Vicki and any other nocturne fans, apologies if it’s not quite right but I have never written (or even read) one before. I know they’re dark and sexy and popular though, so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone this time and try to kick Vicki’s ball a little further down the pitch 🙂

You are doing a great job and I’ve so enjoyed reading your post.

Now we just need to get them to the HEA. I’m still at work so if anyone else has it – go for it. If not, I’ll work on it when I get home and Charlotte maybe you’ll add a wee bit more as well. 🙂

I just re-read what I posted above and so didn’t mean that I had the HEA. LOL.

And I’m hoping Charlotte writes a bunch more, not a wee bit…omg work brain is my only excuse.

When this is finished I’d love to know what genre everyone is actually writing in, if you’d like to post it. 🙂

Oh, you are so lovely! And it didn’t read like you were taking the HEA 🙂
I confess I love reading Blaze, Historical, Intrigue, Medical, Modern and would love to write for any one of them – but I read some advice Amalie Berlin recently offered about trying to see yourself writing ten books for just one line first, so that’s what I’m trying to do. Just focus on one line for now…and I’ve plumped for Medical(medical/military)

Though, who knows maybe it would be fun to try a medical/military/historical/time-travel with say a Naval barber-surgeon and an osteo-archeologist maybe LOL Ok, maybe not 🙂

I’m guessing you write Nocturne, any others…?

Anyone else targeting a particular line?

I do write Nocturne, it seems to come easy for me, although the paranormal stories that I’ve written so far have been single title in word count. My current wip would target LI. Totally different genres for sure, but I’m loving the story.

I think the idea about seeing yourself writing ten books in the same line is excellent advice.

It’s been great getting to know everyone a little better and am looking forward to continuing to cheer each other on with the next writing challenge. And Charlotte if you ever need a crit partner let me know. I think you would be lovely to work with.

Who knows any of us could be the next one to get the call and become “Sold”.

Oh goody…I will play for the HEA. I have something ready to post at the last minute

He took her hand and pulled her back inside the room and into his embrace. His mouth hovered over hers while his eyes seared deep into her soul. Later she would wonder if he’d been able to read her mind, but at the moment all she could think, pray and plead was for his lips to take hers.

Desire drenched her as she stared into his eyes. His bare chest begged to be touched. She wanted to kiss the stubble lining his jaw. Her fingers shook as she raised them and laid them lightly above his left breast. The rhythmic beating beneath her hand increased. A soft moan escaped her as he pulled her tighter against him, their bodies molded to a perfect fit.

Just before his mouth took hers, Drina saw the reflection of his bare back in the mirror. Slightly above his right cheek the crest of the moon with played over a aged cross. He had the same tattoo as an Elder was given when born. A tattoo given only to those who were called, chosen, and one of her own.

He felt her stiffen in his arms. She’d seen the marks given him as a chosen by the elders. Now was the time.
He pulled away. “You are wondering why I didn’t tell you.”
“Tell me what? That you’ve been sent to spy on me?” His chest tightened as she whirled across the room to pick up her clothes.
“It wasn’t like that.”
“You were pretending to dismiss my powers, like an unbeliever. What was that supposed to achieve?”
“More time. I wanted you to think I was worth making the effort to teach. You have a gift, not just for using your powers with the Ones, but in the outer world. This is what you must learn. What I hoped to help you see. You can have both, if you are willing to compromise a little.”
“I can’t go back to what I was. Too much is at stake.”
She looked wild, her hair a tangled mess as she pulled her clothes back on, covering that delectable body. He focussed on the task at hand, his body must wait for satisfaction. He tugged on his shirt and trousers, buttoning as he spoke. “You can use your powers, the intuition, the reading of people for the good of everyone, not just your own people. That’s where you went wrong with the decision that impacted on my company and ones like it. You didn’t allow for all factors. If you trust yourself, you can do so much more.”
“But the Elders always spoke against that use.”
“There are new forces at work. We must for”get the insular prejudice and step out in the world.”
“How do you know this?”
“I am your chosen partner. The one to complete you and bring your powers to fullness.”
It was him? No wonder there had been that instant connection. He was right. She didn’t trust enough. Didn’t trust her own powers so how could she trust the Elders and her parents.
But was it enough? “So you did all this, for the sake of our people?”
“No. I wanted to see you, wanted to know if you had forsaken your destiny entirely for cold legalism.”
“So you could forswear the bond?” Her chest tightened painfully.”
“Perhaps. It depended on what I found.”
There was a warmth in his eyes that gave her courage. “What did you decide?”
“I want us. Together. Nothing else matters. Together we can achieve all things.”
Drina looked up at him warily. “You really mean that?”
“I never say things I don’t mean.” His calloused fingers stroked down her cheek, lingering on curve of her neck, the thumb resting on the pulse at her throat. It fluttered under his touch, matching the quickening pace of her heart.
His breath whispered along her brow as he bent slowly. Mesmerised by his mouth, she blinked to bring him into focus. The blood surging through her body awakened a pulse lower, recently revived sensations prickling over her skin and settling low in her body.
“It’s been a while… I have a lot to make up. Do you think…?” She trailed her fingers down his abdomen.”
He chuckled. “For me too. This whole thing has been an obsession for so long, it’s left no room for anything else.”
Lifting her face, she brushed her lips across the hard edge of his jawline, revelling in the faint tickle of stubble against her sensitive skin. It was worth it, making the compromise. He was all she could wish for. More than she’d believed possible.
His arm wrapped around her waist, bringing her against the length of his body, the muscle unyielding under the softness of her breasts. She wanted to feel it again, heated skin against heated skin. She tugged at the fabric, freeing the buttons, probing under the silk for warm flesh.
He shuddered under her touch. “Drina…I fought against the elder’s ruling, but once we met, I knew.”
One hand slid up to tangle in her hair as his mouth crashed against hers, firm and rough, taking, when she wanted so much to give. Parting her lips, she invited him in with a tentative dart of her tongue along his upper lip. He softened, adjusting his body to hers, angling his head. His teeth nipped at her swollen flesh, healed instantly by the stroke of his tongue. She pressed closer, rising onto her toes to hook her arm around the nape of his neck. Her whole body pulsed, flame licking through the tissues, lighting them, searing bone and muscle and skin. All this from only a kiss?
Breathless, Drina pulled away. “When I think I nearly took a taxi that day.”
“And I nearly drove my own car.”
“We still would have met at the seminar, I suppose.” She murmured doubtfully.
He shook his head. “I’d never have had the desire to further things if I’d only seen you as Judge Fletcher.”
She tugged at his collar. “Did I intimidate you?”
“No, but my obsession with getting justice might have blinded me to anything else.”
He looked at her, his eyes soft. “Disappointed?”
“A little.” So much for believing their meeting fated.
“Idiot. I’d have noticed eventually. It probably would have taken longer to get through my thick skull.”
“So we are a pair.” She sparkled up at him. “An idiot and a thick head.”
“A matched pair.”
He pulled her back into his arms. “A perfect match. Soul deep.”

Just checked back in and we’re all done, Yay! Great last line Fiona! Love reading great last lines but I hate writing them 🙁

Well done to everyone who posted, you made it such fun to join in with – and thanks also those who posted such lovely encouraging comments. Much appreciated! 🙂

WOW! What a fantastic #TeamLoveStory! We loved the plot twists, the complexity of the hero and heroine and the different series voices coming together! You are all so creative and the Sold team have so enjoyed reading this story and seeing it come to life!:)

Everyone had such cool ideas! Loved the!

I can’t wait for the BootCamp this Month! More challenges!

This has been so much fun! And Fiona, loved the HEA and last line.

How many of us will be doing SYTYCW 15?

I do write Nocturne, it seems to come easy for me, although the paranormal stories that I’ve written so far have been single title in word count. My current wip would target LI. Totally different genres for sure, but I’m loving the story.

I think the idea about seeing yourself writing ten books in the same line is excellent advice.

It’s been great getting to know everyone a little better and am looking forward to continuing to cheer each other on with the next writing challenge. And Charlotte if you ever need a crit partner let me know. I think you would be lovely to work with.

Who knows any of us could be the next one to get the call and become “Sold”.

One would think that by now I would make sure that I’m posting in the correct place for replies. So sorry! I’ve reposted it below where this should have been.

Thanks everyone for the fun and games. It was fun trying to piece all the bits and pieces together at the end. I hope you liked how I used your stuff.

Only just got to go through this – brilliant! That was one hard game to play. Some great lines in it – and I love how so many different writing styles matched up! Great fun!

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