Let’s write a #TeamLoveStory!

We’ve so loved seeing your answers to the #WritingChalleges – what a fab array of exciting and imaginative authors you are! So, we couldn’t help but wonder what might happen if we pooled all of that talent to come up with one whole romance…

And so the idea for #TeamLoveStory was born. We’re going to provide you with an opening snippet, and we want you to finish the story! And we can’t wait to see where you take it!

Just remember: follow on from the previous snippet, fight any inclination to finish the story quickly (it’s a long weekend in the UK – we want to see how much you can write by Tuesday morning!) and let’s see what a fun, exciting romance we create together!

Without further ado, your opening lines:

The subway doors slid open and a tide of humanity poured out, while James was jostled and pushed by the crowds forcing their way on the train. Who’d be a commuter? He said this to himself every day of the week, and yet here he still was.

He finally managed to squeeze his way on, just as the doors were shutting behind him, when he heard a scrambled yelp and turned to see a girl, her hair tumbling out of a loose ponytail, clutching an overflowing bag in one hand and a coffee cup in the other, trying to force the doors apart.

Instinctively he leaned into help her, catching a whiff of perfume, as he pulled her on board.

“Thanks,” she said breathlessly, “my boss will kill me if I’m late for work again.”

The train moved forward suddenly, and her hand jerked, spilling hot coffee all over him.

Ready, set… write! Go #TeamLoveStory!