7 Questions for Debut Author Jen Christie

The SoYouThinkYouCanWrite contest takes a lot of energy from authors and editors both! But it’s always worthwhile to find new authors and read the exciting projects they are working on. This year Jen Christie was one of our finalists–and her book is coming out this week! Find out more…

Seven Things We Want to Know:

What got you interested in writing?

I love reading, and always have a story or two running around in my head. A few years ago I decided it was time to start writing them down. Writing quickly became an addiction – there are so many things to master and learn. I just wish I had started writing sooner in my life!

 What has been the most useful thing you’ve done to get to this point?

I pay attention to critiques, listen to advice, read all the time, but most of all, I keep putting one word down after another. For me, persistence is the most important thing.

What is the one thing you wish you’d learned sooner?

Be brave, take risks, and write big scenes with deep emotion. I loved this video from Kimberly Lang and Harlequin:


Which book or blog or site or conference or contest would you recommend for new writers?

Easy answer! SYTYCW was a turning point for me as a writer, because it provided so much information—podcasts, editor chats, writer forums, advice from other authors—all free. It’s a gold mine of information for any romance writer. But, far and away the best thing about the contest was the reassuring encouragement from the Harlequin team. It was fun and exciting to be a part of it.

What drew you to Harlequin?

I have always read Harlequin, although I wasn’t fully aware of their resources for authors. In fact, I was searching for new Gothic romance books to read when I found Barbara J. Hancock’s website. It was through her website that I discovered Harlequin’s contest, SYTYCW. It’s been quite an experience since then!

What did you do when you got the call?

The call that I was a finalist in SYTYCW came at the exact moment my daughters were climbing into the car as I picked them up from school. When I saw that the caller ID read Harlequin Enterprises, I panicked, because my daughters have an uncanny ability to create chaos at moments like that!

I put the car in park, stepped outside right there in the car line, and answered the phone. Standing in the busy parking lot, ignoring everything around me, I tried my hardest to sound calm and collected while my daughters banged on the windows and the teachers tried to get me to move along! It was quite surreal and I can’t remember what I said, or even the drive home.

What is your story about?

Reyna Ferraro is enchanted by the ornate glass cottage at Devlin Manor that dangles over the sea like a diamond pendant. She’s not the first. Seduced by the shimmering house, Reyna risks joining its former mistress in oblivion. Will loving the tortured man who built it be her curse or her salvation?

House of Glass  is out April 1st as part of Harlequin Shiver’s boxed set, and then will be available as a standalone title on July 1st.

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Thank you, Jen, for your enthusiasm and a wonderful story! We’re looking forward to see what other Gothic stories you will be creating.

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