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Is there any other publishing house that goes so far to help would-be authors? I doubt it. This thermometer and the flow chart are extraordinary! They really help me to visual where my chosen line – Presents – fits in to the bigger picture. Thanks a million to all the editors for their amazing efforts and advice during the conference. And as far as the actual contest is concerned? Bring it on!!

I’m surprised to find how high up the chain intrigues are as I never felt any of the book in intrigue were all that steamy, I always felt that the focus was always more on the mystery and murder than it was on the physical interactions of the characters.

My mother use to let me have full choice of her Harlequin collection of books but told me I was never to read the Blaze. 😉

You can imagine my disappointment when I finally read one a few year later (once having reached an acceptable age in my mother’s eyes) and discovered that they were rather acceptable and nothing much to conceal from a young girl who was writing steamier scenes in her own stories from the age of 12. 😉

Seriously though, I’ve always felt it best to let the character’s themselves tell me their story and dictate the level, then match the story up with the best category.

Wow! This is wonderful! Right up there with the flow chart. Thanks for making this available to us.

Eliana, I think this is the “acceptable” high temp. I’ve read some pretty steamy Intrigues. It pretty much depends on the author.

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