A Heartwarming #WritingChallenge!

WritingChallenge imageHi everyone,

At Heartwarming, we’re always on the lookout for stories with high stakes, where the characters must risk giving up what they want most in order to love each other. The strongest books weave together both internal and external conflicts to ramp up the action, emotion and romantic tension.

This weekend’s challenge is:

Show us how you’d raise the stakes in a scenario we’ve come up with!

Your hero and heroine are on an overnight camping trip with a class of rowdy middle-schoolers. It’s close to dusk, the campground is nowhere in sight, and the air seems to be getting smoky…when suddenly they realize two kids are missing. What happens next?

Post a couple paragraphs in the comments. What is the worst thing that could happen to these characters? How do their motivations drive them to act and react? What is at risk for each of them? The higher the stakes, the better!

Heartwarming editors will check in on Monday to see what you’ve come up with and offer some feedback.

Happy Writing!

The SYTYCW Editors x