Harlequin Historical Heroes contest!

June is a month for contests! We’re delighted to announce that Harlequin Historicals will be kicking off next week. And can’t wait to get a peek at some of the rakish, dashing, devilish heroes that are out there!

Enter our #HistoricalHeroes Writing Tournament and win a  detailed editorial consultation on your full manuscript, 

Is the alpha male you dream of a rakish gentleman, a heroic knight, or a rugged warrior? Is he strong enough to fight off the competition and be declared the ultimate romantic hero?

If you are burning to breathe life into your hero and wage war with your words, the team at Harlequin Mills & Boon would love to hear from you!

Over three very special weeks, we will be looking for first chapters which feature the following three #HistoricalHeroes:

Monday 16th June – Sunday 22nd June: Regency/Victorian Gentlemen

Scandal and seduction in the ballrooms of the Ton, delectable rakes and their country estates, daring duchesses and deliciously innocent debutantes.

Monday 23rd June – Sunday 29th June: Medieval/Tudor Knights and Lords

Bold knights and courageous ladies facing passion and danger in the Royal courts, battle-scarred crusaders, betrothals broken and promises kept.

Monday 30th June – Sunday 6th July: Warrior Heroes

Vanquishing Vikings, sizzling-hot Highlanders, and fierce Ancient warriors – waging war, seeking vengeance and conquering hearts. Who will be the feisty women to tame their wild ways?

For your chance to make history, send us your first chapter and your pitch – with the opportunity to win a detailed editorial consultation on your full manuscript.


Each Monday, we will call for first chapters featuring that week’s #HistoricalHeroes.

You can then send your first chapter, along with a pitch, to our email address: Historical.Heroes@hqnuk.co.uk

What to include?

–A short pitch
–Setting: the period and place where your story is set
–Short blurb: pitch your story to us in 100 words (if you need inspiration look at the blurbs for our current Mills & Boon Historical books on the website! or the options at Harlequin.com!)–Why is your hero the best? What makes your hero the most delectable man in history?
–Your first chapter
–3000-5000 words to showcase your writing talent and whet our appetites for the rest of your story.
–Your contact details

Note: Entrants can submit only once to each category. Final deadline for ALL submissions is GMT Midnight on Sunday 6th July.


The Harlequin Mills & Boon Historical editors, Linda, Kathryn and Nicola, will pick their favourite chapter from each of the 3 categories to feature on the Mills & Boon website, where they will battle it out head-to-head to win the public vote.

The 3 different chapters will go online on Monday 14th July, and the public will have the rest of the week to vote for their favourite. The author – and their hero – with the most votes will be declared TOURNAMENT CHAMPION at GMT midday on Friday 18th July.


  • Every first chapter will get a personal response from an editor.

    The winner from each category will get FREE BOOKS: All 6 Mills & Boon Historical July titles.

    The TOURNAMENT CHAMPION will win a detailed editorial consultation on their full manuscript, with a guaranteed one-month turnaround from receipt of manuscript. They will also have the opportunity to share their experiences on the M&B Socialise site!

    Keep an eye out on the Mills and Boon Twitter, Facebook, Google + and M&B Socialise sites throughout the competition for blogs, tips and titbits focusing on everything we love about #HistoricalHeroes!

    The Historical editors would love to hear from you via Twitter! Follow us @lindafildew @CheshireKat3 @NicolaCaws.

    Dont’ forget to use the #HistoricalHeroes hashtag so we can see your messages.

    Whose hero will be declared the mightiest of them all?



17 replies on “Harlequin Historical Heroes contest!”

My historical hero is a pirate of the 1700’s.
But is this contest open to pirates?
Elva Cobb Martin


Yes, of course. Looking forward to meeting your pirate hero!

The Historical Team

Great! I’ll see if I can get privateer Captain Lucas “Bloodstone” Barrett off his high seas adventures and into a port somewhere between Charles Town and Jamaica long enough to meet you noble (and I will also tell him LOVELY)ladies from Harlequin. But which week/period of the contest should I persuade him to swagger in and make your acquaintance? I lean toward Monday, June 30, since he doesn’t seem to fit the other two time periods. Blessings, Elva Cobb Martin, Anderson, SC

June 30th sounds perfect Elva! A wild, swashbuckling pirate sounds Warrior enough to us!

I was wondering if the editors wanted the first chapter of an entry as an attachment or as a part of the body of the e-mail?

Thank you for your assistance.

What about cowboy heroes? Would they be Victorian era gentlemen, or do you not want western historical romances for this particular contest?

Hi Michele,

Your cowboy is very welcome! And yes, the Victorian era category will do nicely.

The Historical Team

Hi Angelina,

We don’t mind whether or not it’s an attachment or in the email. As long as your pitch and chapter are there somewhere we’re happy!

The Historical Team

I have a Victorian Duke who’s story is tinged with a spot of paranormal. Would he still be fitting for this?

Hi Danielle,

If you haven’t already submitted this in the Victorian/Regency week, do send his story over, we’re happy to take a look.

Historical Team

Hi Sophia,

You should get a confirmation email saying that we’ve received your submission and will be in touch, but no number in this case.

Historical Team

Such a silly question in terms of the submission guidelines, but should the 3,000-5,000 words be the first chapter? I’m not sure if we submit both the first chapter and another 3,000-5,000 words or are they one and the same?

Thank you!

Yes the 3000-5000 words was just a guideline to the number of words of your first chapter.


I have submitted my chapter and contact info but have not received a confirmation email. Should I be worried?

You should have received one now! Do let us know if that’s not the case.

Many thanks,
Historical Team

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