Happy New Year and Welcome Back to Sold!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Sold Blog 2015!

Flo-profileLet me introduce myself. My name is Flo Nicoll, I’ve worked at Harlequin for 6 years, and I’m an Editor in the London office – that’s me in the photo. There are many (many) things I love about my job, but one of the highlights has to be discovering new talent. The buzz when you discover an author’s voice that sets your editorial radar flashing is electric. And nothing compares to getting to make The Call. It’s a total thrill, and it never gets less exciting!

So I am *super* excited to now be in charge of Harlequin’s Sold blog, your one-stop Harlequin destination for everything you need to know about writing romance. This blog is aimed at all you fabulous authors out there who dream of writing for Harlequin, and our mission is simple – to help you make that dream come true! And what a year we’ve got lined up for you all.

Shamelessly jumping on the ‘New Year, New You!’ bandwagon, I bring you… drum roll… the New Year’s Resolutions for the Harlequin Sold blog!

In 2015, the Harlequin Sold blog will become your go-to blogsite for…

  1. In-depth writing advice from our crack team of Harlequin editors
  2. Insights and tips from your favourite Harlequin authors
  3. Writing competition news from all the Harlequin series teams
  4. Opportunities to interact with authors and editors
  5. Those inspirational Call Stories that we all know and love!

If that wasn’t enough, you can also look forward to a more regular calendar of insightful, helpful and entertaining content.  We’re starting the year as we mean to go on, with at least 3 posts a week – so lots of fun ahead!

We hope you’re as excited by this new direction for SOLD as we are. We always love to hear from aspiring authors, so please do get involved with the conversation by using the #SoldBlog hashtag and telling us what your writing resolutions are for 2015!

I hope you enjoy reading the posts, and happy writing!

Love Flo x

P.S. Make sure you check back on Wednesday for the first post in our new monthly Advice From The Archives column, where we share fab editorial advice created for previous writing competitions such as So You Think You Can Write. This week’s blog is called ‘Don’t Let The Plot Get In The Way Of The Story’ – you won’t want to miss it!

P.P.S. Follow me on @flonicoll for all the latest updates from the #SoldBlog!

13 replies on “Happy New Year and Welcome Back to Sold!”

This is great, Flo! Thank you very much for the update! My writing goal for 2015 is to complete three 50,000 word books in a series I’m writing. I’m half way through the first book, but am going to need all of the advice I can get to complete all three of them!

That’s an amazing goal to have – tons of luck with it! And keep an eye on the Sold blog, we’ve got the whole advice thing covered 🙂

Thanks, Flo. Happy New Year! After some health challenges I’m ready to go full steam ahead and finish/submit my former #KillerVoices LIS manuscript entry through the regular submission channels.

Woo, exciting! Good luck for submission day, and make sure you celebrate your pressing-send bravery in style!

Great to see the Sold! blog up and active again! I love New Years resolutions – one of mine is to quit biting my nails as I wait to hear back on my American submission… and to keep writing in the meantime. 🙂 Happy blogging to you, Flo!

Haha, protect the nails at all costs! Best of luck with the feedback and I hope you’re writing something wonderfully fun to distract yourself 🙂


Congrats on becoming “head blogger” here! With six years in, you have a wealth of knowledge on your side!

Here’s to you making “The Call” more often this year because of your efforts on SOLD!

Chris Buono (2014 SYTYCW Desire Submission, “Her Boss’s Surprise”)

Thank you! I do love making ‘The Call’ so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this year too!

Flo, I totally love the Sold blog and the plans for this year sound super helpful. My resolution is to not only find the time to write more but to stop myself from dismissing my work before I’ve even started. I could win an award at that.
Thanks in advance for all the wonderful advice we can look forward to x

Those are two fabulous resolutions! I hope the blog gives you the tools to feel more confident in your writing talent, and allows you to enjoy it as much as you can. Because writing romance is a truly wonderful thing!

Hi Flo! Congrats on being in charge of the blog. This group is in GREAT hands!! Because of your generous advice and guidance, I sold to Intrigue 2 years ago and have just finished writing my 8th story for them. I’m deeply grateful for everything you taught me!

Best wishes in 2015!!

Oops, I only just spotted this! And I am SO THRILLED to hear you’re doing so well, that is totally brilliant! Let me know your fave of the 8 so I can have a read!

Hi Flo, congratulations on the job.

Can you please tell me if First Page Feedback has been cancelled, as I know there were about 140, with only around 70 having feedback posted?

Thank you, Tori

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