December 2013 Acquisition Roundup

With the announcements from So You Think You Can Write and Wattpad contests, December was a great time to welcome some new authors into the Harlequin family! And some authors also came to us in more traditional ways by submitting to the editors from our site or from conferences or earlier pitches!

 Here are some of the highlights for December!

We had 119 titles acquired in December 2013 covering seventeen lines.

Love Inspired Historicals acquired 14 titles, the Harlequin Digital First series 13 titles, American Romance 12 titles and Presents and Kimani 11 titles each.

As for authors, Linda Warren sold eight titles to Harlequin American Romance, with Winnie Griggs (Love Inspired Historical), Shannon Taylor Vannater (Love Inspired Heartsong Presents) and Lisa Marie Perry (Kimani Romance) selling six titles each in December.

Twenty-eight different editors made the acquisitions, with Kathleen Scheibling acquiring 13 titles (for Harlequin American and an anthology), and Malle Vallik acquiring 12 titles for Harlequin Digital First.

As for new/new to Harlequin authors, there were a few–mostly from SYTYCW & Wattpad contests, but through regular submissions as well!

Please welcome first time authors Avril Tremayne (KISS/HarlequinE/SYTYCW/Wattpad), Jen Christie (HarlequinE/SYTYCW), Stephanie London (KISS), Amy Woods (Special Edition), KD Fleming (LI Heartsong Presents),  Melinda Di Lorenzo (HarlequinE/Wattpad), Amber Lindley (HarlequinE/Wattpad), Claire Chilton (HarlequinE/Wattpad), Sarah White (HarlequinE/Wattpad), Emmie Mears (HarlequinE), Liz Tyner (Harlequin Historicals), and Tanya Wright (Kiss) along with first time with Harlequin authors Keli Gwyn (Love Inspired Historical) and Cristal Ryder (HarlequinE)!

Whew! We ended 2013 in great shape for 2014, but of course we’re always on the lookout for fresh voices, emotional stories and fantastic authors.

Let us look forward to an exciting 2014!