August 2013 Harlequin Series Acquistion Roundup

It’s that time of the month again–we’re going to see what’s been Sold! in the past few weeks!

August  was a month full of vacations, but our Harlequin editors were still busy enough to acquire 108 titles for twenty Harlequin series! Heartsong Presents was this month’s busiest line—18 titles by ten different authors. Acquisitions Editor Kathy Davis acquired all the titles—obviously she had no time to get away!

Special Edition wasn’t too far behind with 16 titles. Fan favorite Christine Rimmer counted for ten of those–readers will be cheering for another two years or so!

And also filling up the shelves is Abby Green with eight new Harlequin Presents coming soon. We’re delighted to have these authors—and the others you’ll see throughout the year—returning to their home lines. More good books for us!

 Love Inspired focused on acquiring for a new six-book continuity—Big Sky Centennial—and we’re sure readers won’t want to miss any of those titles.

There were also a number of first time with Harlequin authors including Dawn Brown for Digital First (Shivers), Harper St. George for Historical Undone, Cheryl Harper for Heartwarming, Amber Leigh Williams for Superromance, and Jennifer AlLee and Lisa Karon Richardson for Heartsong Presents, and Lucy Ryder for Medicals.

That makes seven new authors in August, and added to the dozen in July, we’re certainly on a roll! Are you going to be one of our next batch? Maybe you’ll get a chance to shine in the 2013 So You Think You Can Write contest this month!

Happy writing and reading—and buying!

Just to clarify–these highlights are from contracts in our system for August. So calls and offers may have gone out in July, but they didn’t hit the system until August. Or perhaps they were made at the end of August and they will be logged in for September. With so many editors acquiring it can get complicated, so we thought we’d keep it to the official list! 🙂