10 Things a Harlequin Heroine Would NEVER Say…

Harlequin heroines are contemporary, relatable women – even the heroines from our Historical series! Check out our hitlist below of phrases no self-respecting Harlequin heroine would ever be caught saying…

  1. ‘Oh you’re so cruel… but I love you anyway’. If a man isn’t treating her right, our heroine will walk away no matter how much it hurts, because she deserves better than that!
  2. ‘My nickname at school was Little Miss Perfect.’ Because no one is perfect, including our heroines – they’ll always be three-dimensional with strengths and flaws.
  3. ‘Oh wow, look at my model-thin perfect figure and impeccable features’ – there are so many ways to be beautiful, and we love celebrating them all!
  4. ‘Being single is the worst thing ever.’ Harlequin heroines don’t need a man to make their lives worth living. The right man might bring incredible happiness and joy into their lives, but don’t doubt it – these women are strong enough to go it alone.
  5. ‘He doesn’t like me? My life is over!’ Our heroines feel deeply, sure, but if they’re rejected, they will find a way to move on. (And find someone who really deserves them!)
  6. ‘I love the fact that you’re totally loaded’. Some of the Harlequin heroes might be wealthy, but that’s never the main appeal for the heroine. Although we’re not denying there are some perks of dating a millionaire, our heroines are in it for love, not money!
  7. ‘I need a man to rescue me.’ Our heroines are perfectly able to rescue themselves, thank you very much.
  8. ‘It’s really not my thing, but if you’re into it, I suppose I could give it a go…’ Our heroines aren’t pushovers, especially not in the bedroom! If they’re really not into something, it’s not going to happen. On either the hero or the heroine’s watch!
  9. ‘My only goal in life is to get married and have children.’ Harlequin heroines’ ambitions might well include marriage and kids, but that’s not all – they want exciting careers, friends and to fulfill their own potential too!
  10. [Too busy swooning to say anything at all] Our heroines have far too much self-respect to swoon instantly at their heroes’ feet. These men have to work hard to prove they’re worth it!

What do you think? Are there any other cliches we can bust for you? Any suggestions, please leave below!