Writing Challenge: What’s your heroine’s opening line?

If you’ve been reading our blog lately, you know we’ve been talking about strong openings and active heroines. It’s been a while since we’ve had a one-line challenge. Our last one highlighted bad boy heroes, and your opening lines were fantastic!

Our challenge this week:  What’s your active heroine’s opening line? She can be speaking  to the hero, a work partner or team, or to herself. But, give us just one line!

Post your opening line in the comments below any time between now and Sunday, June 30, 2019, and we’ll pick our Top 3 on Monday!

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“Yeah, I guess I’m just confused. Who was…” she paused to ruffle through the large stack of papers that lay in front of her, locating the name of the woman who had chosen Jenny to be her sole heir, “Mae Westbrook?”

Speaking to a team of attorneys:
“That’s it. I’m done!” Caitriona Byrne shoved back her chair and flipped her long hair over her shoulders. “I have better things to do than waste time over my douche-bag ex. Sorry, boys. I need a break from reality for a while. You can find me on a desert isle somewhere in Nowheresville with a margarita in hand.”

“The kitchen’s burning down and if you don’t move your ass, I’m gonna throw you down the fire escape.”
Meet Lara, my head chef.

“Oh, well,” Haven said on a sigh and put her car in gear, “might as well start putting on my happy face now.”

“I am not your ‘dove.’”
Whatever that meant. “You weren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow morning,” I said tersely. “And stop staring. Shapeshifters usually show better manners.”

Paranormal Romance

“What do you mean you’re not getting waxed anymore?” Ashley asked me, her tone expressing blatant disapproval.
“Well, why should I? It’s not like anyone’s going south these days.” I blurted out before giving it a second thought.
Normally un-shockable, Ashley’s stunned expression had me biting back a smile. I peeked at her while I fished out my bank card and did my best to not burst out laughing, enjoying that I’d been able to stun her to silence.

Waylon scrambled into his pants his fingers fumbling with the buckle. “Point that scrap iron someplace else, you crazy bitch.”
Tucson swallowed a chuckle as she purposely traveled her gaze over Waylon’s body. “If I wanted to shoot a worm, it’d already be on the floor.”

“Bold women seize the opportunity to make empowered choices that enrich their lives and I am a bold woman.” (Emma is debating with herself about greeting the hunk staying at the vacation cabin next door.)

“Excuse me, sir. If you don’t remove your hand from my ass, I will remove it for you.” Ameila Hill was fed up with this behavior from men. If one more tried that, she will personally make sure they never touch her or another woman again.

“You can’t handle me, Matt. Even on your best day. I can assure you that. You should just go. I’ve got this.”

She quietly crouched in the basement, clutching the fly swatter in her hand. It was the only thing she could find as a weapon. How could she have been stupid enough to leave the front door unlocked? she counted the steps as he descended, and once she saw the back of his head she lunged forward slapping him as hard as she could with the fly swatter. He turned around to face her, a confused expression on his face.
“Creative, but not very effective.” He replied, frowning.
” Don’t be so sure,” she quiped back, her arm extended forward like she was holding a pistol.

Inhaling the scent of freshly baked bread, Maddie Harper pressed a hand to her middle. Her stomach rumbled, reminding her almost a full day had passed since her last meal.

The ridges on the stark white ceiling blurred from my intense stare as I listened to the steady, even breaths coming from the body next to me. He wasn’t a bad guy. Just an idiot.

“Je rencontre Monsieur Peretz.”
Rony crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot. Monsieur Peretz indeed. It wasn’t the first time a business associate had assumed she was a man, but it rankled. This dinner was already an irritation, a wrinkle in her plans.

Senya paused beside the dog’s bed and leaned down to rub behind his left ear and he whined in his sleep.
“You’re safe, Albert. Puppy’s safe,” she whispered, and he settled.
Straightening, she glared at the clear barrier which ran the peremeter of the balcony. How had the Jack Russell terrier made it through the two inch gap to fall twenty-five feet?

Opening paragraph of my WIP, romantic suspense.

The moans from the couple at the front of the line reminded me that I’d been single for way too long.

“Too late,” complained the younger woman, holding out her arms, showing the underarm perspiration stains on her crisp, white linen short. “Have I told you how much I hate August?”

“Enjoying the view?” An amused, languid voice questioned while the woman continued to bend over a large bag on the floor, a curtain of blonde waves obscuring her face.

Outrunning a determined repo man wasn’t how Kira had planned to end her day but she was always up for a challenge, and too broke to lose her car, so she slammed her foot down on the gas–hard.

“God, I hope he was cremated,” Georgia said as she reached for the small box of remains that her grandfather’s attorney held out for her.

The antagonist who has all kinds of ulterior motives is begging Olivia for a date.

He was nice to look at, in a yuppie kind of way and I could use a little diversion before I went back to the never-ending job of tweaking my portfolio. “One cup of cocoa.”

Leaning against the broken-down stable door, Lizzie shrugged her aching shoulders and lifted her face to the sky as she watched the sun set on her childhood.

Candace Ferrous clamped her lips tightly together and stifled the urge to call “so long suckers,” as she slammed through the swing door and collided with the unforgiving mass of muscle and bone that had just got her fired.

“Excuse me,” Addie shook her head. “You want me to pose as your fiancée? For your grandfather?”

“OK ladies, I contacted the pilot and my jet will be ready to takeoff in a half hour”, said Gracie. “Vegas here we come!!”

Another Tuesday in paradise, if the concept of paradise included auto-dialers and shared headsets, while God-only-knows-what writhed around in the foam ear cushion.

“If I knew that’s how you look. I wouldn’t have hooked up with you last night,” he said furious.
She opened her mouth shocked. “So you really thought my purple eyelids and lips are pure nature creation…well…dam…if I knew you were this stupid I wouldn’t hooked up with you either.”

Somehow, marrying a complete stranger on live television did not scare Marnie Larue half as bad as knowing that she was about to meet her famous in-laws for the first time during the reception.

“I’ll stay.” He turned to face the frail looking young woman as she spoke, a light of determination shining in her eyes, “No matter what the others do, I’ll stay.”

“Why would you not kill him?” Allie flicked the documents across the desk. “Do I have to do everything myself?”

“Hello, this is Fairy Detective Chief Inspector Bloom, out of Hastings, looking to hire the gargoyle assassin who murdered me at London King’s Cross Station last July — yes, I’ll hold.”

“Wow, what?” Jenny asked, and fixed him with an angry glare.
“Now,” he repeated.
“Yeah,” she retorted. “You told me to get ready.”
“And then you said, “WOW.”
“I meant now,” he yelled, straining to make himself heard over the roar of the small plane. She was right to be angry. You couldn’t parachute into forest cover for a rescue mission and make mistakes.
There was no way to explain it, except that when he was with her, his heart raced like a moving train and working with her was, you know, wow.

Thank you all for your wonderful contributions! They were great fun to read. Our top three–actually top four–are from Saska Shepherd, Yvonne, Lia Fairchild, and Steph! Lovely intros to your active heroines. –Patience

I quietly pushed back my seat and rose, looking her in the eye, and said, “i pity you Jacqueline, I really do. You have too much venom in your heart that it blinds you from seeing things right in front of you. You may say anything you want about me, but I warn you, never include dad because you never knew him and probably never will “.With that I left, to find solitude.

She walked off the elevator heading toward her fathers office. At the door she noticed someone standing beside her father to the right of the desk. They both looked up when she walked in the room. She was introduced to him, his name was James and he was going to be her bodyguard? “No disrespect but I can take care of myself. I don’t need a babysitter.” It didn’t help this man had piercing blue eyes the color of a deep tropical oceans where she could see herself drowning in them. He chuckled and raised his eyebrows. He noticed how she watched looking at him from top to bottom examing every inch of his body. He liked the way she looked at him. He smiled, ” Are you sure you don’t need someone around to make sure your safe. There have been threats are you aware of this? He needed to make her understand the danger she was in.
She ignored him. This man was going to be trouble for her heart if she didn’t stop this now. He was starting to get under her skin. Turning to her father she asked, ” You can’t be serious about this?” Waving her hand betwèen them. “How well do you know this man? What makes you so sure I am safe from him?” Her cheeks felt warm. He was having an affect on her.

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