Welcome to So You Think You Can Write!

Birgit Davis-Todd @BirgitDT

By Birgit Davis-Todd, Senior Executive Editor, Series

Once again Harlequin and Mills & Boon are searching globally to find new authors for all our category series. Always wanted to see your book published by the world’s leader in romance fiction? Be sure to enter your manuscript in our Writing Contest. One lucky winner will be offered a fabulous two-book publishing contract with Harlequin—and the opportunity to work with a top-notch editor!

New for 2015: Welcome Wattpad!

Harlequin has teamed up with Wattpad, a huge online community for writers and readers, to offer aspiring authors a unique opportunity to learn, write and network.

Simply enter our Writing Contest by posting your romance manuscript on Wattpad  between now and September 21 4:59 pm EST, and get reader reaction as you polish your masterpiece. By posting your So You Think You Can Write contest entry on Wattpad, you’ll attract new readers and get valuable feedback. You’ll be able to easily make last-minute edits on your manuscript before the contest officially closes on September 21 at 4:59 pm EST.

Five Day Online Conference

Join us here all week long September 14 – 18 for our online conference AKA Harlequin’s Boot Camp for Writers. Exercise those writing muscles with an intensive workout packed with blogs, live chats, Twitter events and more. You’ll meet over 50 Harlequin Editors ready to coach you and whip your manuscript into final shape for the writing contest.

Due to popular demand, this year we are offering three Daily Writing Challenges: First Page, First Meeting of Main Characters and your 100-Word Pitch. Get ready to submit so your work can be reviewed the very same day by our talented editors.

Every day at our online conference you’ll find tons of information on pacing, plot, characterization, sensuality, conflict and more. Not sure which series to target for your manuscript? Learn about the differences between all our lines plus Carina Press. And socialize with the editors and authors all week long through live events on Twitter.

Our Five Day Online Conference is free and fun! No need to register or leave the comfort of your home or office. Log on every day! We want to meet you.

How do You Spell Success?

Since launching the So You Think You Can Write contest and online conference in 2010, we’ve discovered and published more than thirty new writers for Harlequin.

Could you be our next new romance star?

Let’s get this conference rolling. 

Post your questions—I want to hear from you!

Join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #SYTYCW15, and follow @HarlequinSYTYCW.

6 replies on “Welcome to So You Think You Can Write!”

Hello and welcome! Hope you enjoy the five day online conference. Ask away if you have questions. Make sure you submit your manuscript by 4:59 pm on Monday, September 21. Good luck to everyone.

Hi Liia,
What is your word count at this stage? Ideally if your ms is at least 85% complete you will be okay to enter the contest. In the judging round we will be reading the first chapter to see if the writing and storyline is on target for Desire. If we like it and it does well in subsequent rounds of voting and judging, we may ask you to finish it–or add to the word length. That said…you are competing with other writers who have completely finished their mss. You also have the option of submitting your completed ms at a later time through the usual editorial submission process. Visit harlequin.com to learn more!

Good luck and hope you enjoy the conference this week!

Yes, we do! Within the Carina program we are looking for LGBT stories of all kinds, including historical.

Ava March is a good example: she writes historical male/male erotic romance. The Gambling on Love series can be found here: http://www.carinapress.com/shop/miniseries/gambling-on-love.html

That example is erotic romance but we’d be open to all heat levels.
Good luck and hope you enjoy the online conference and enter our contest.

It was unfortunate that I missed out this year. Oddly, I never got the email alert about it like I usually do. All Well. I won’t give up.

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