Wedding Romances: Write Them Year Round

by Katie Gowrie

As summer comes to an end, so does wedding season. And we at SYTYCW have some mixed emotions. While the constant events, the high heels and the unavoidable strain on our wallets are exhausting, we’ll certainly miss the gorgeous bridal gowns, the floral arrangements and the open bars.

But the end of wedding season doesn’t mean we want to stop seeing your wedding romances! We could curl up with one of these well-loved stories in any season—on the beach at the height of summer, while drinking pumpkin spice lattes in autumn, even in the dead of winter (yes, please!). You know the scoop on our top five bridal tropes . But let’s keep the magic going!

Here’s why weddings make for good romance, no matter the occasion:

Weddings bring people together! And that means the hero and heroine are sure to run into each other, whether it’s to plan, be in, or attend a wedding. Sometimes that means finding love with an old friend; sometimes it means perfect strangers learn just how well opposites attract. Either way, wedding invitations and wedding bells are rife with inciting-incident and meet-cute possibilities! These two are destined to wind up together.

Wedding venues span the scale for unique and beautiful settings. It could be a Christmas ceremony at a Lake Placid lodge or destination nuptials in Hawaii. Use that charming backdrop to add magic and romance to the reading experience.

The pressure of the big day heightens the stakes and makes room for humour, drama and chaos. There’s nothing like throwing your hero and heroine into a messy situation and watching them dig their way out. Whether it’s a best man dealing with a cold-footed groom or a wedding planner dealing with a dropped cake, it’s sure to be action (and emotion) packed!

Exes come out of the woodwork…and sometimes nosey in-laws! These romance reads come with fodder for antagonists galore—external conflict, anyone?

Weddings make us ponder our own relationships, and our own capacity to love and be loved. And sometimes that means our own insecurities about opening up or committing to another person. Along with zany external circumstances, that makes for strong internal conflict. What’s keeping your hero and heroine from taking the plunge and saying yes to love?


4 replies on “Wedding Romances: Write Them Year Round”

Mamma Mia! Wedding romances offer so much opportunity for fun plots and diverse characters. I hadn’t really thought of writing a wedding romance (although I have some RL bridesmaid/bridezilla experiences that would make excellent romantic comedies), but once you sparked the wedding trope, scenarios keep popping into my mind.
I really like that the articles on this blog stimulate plot ideas that I wouldn’t previously have thought about writing. Of course the bonus is that these ideas come from editors who are looking for these tropes for the lines Harlequin publishes. Funny coincidence, that. 😉

So romantic and sounds so fun. but my personal experience with a fancy wedding was far from that. My second marriage was perfect: just me, hubby, justice of the peace, and his wife as our witness. We were both sick with bad colds, maybe pneumonia, it was the dead of winter, so we decided to get married before anything else could go wrong. And we did, almost nineteen years ago. but I still love to read and watch weddings. A particular fav is The Wedding Planner, love Matthew M. and Jennifer L. As for story ideas, I agree with Kate. You just keep providing them and we’ll keep writing them. Thank you! 🙂

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