The Votes are in for Harlequin’s SYTYCW 2012 Writing Contest!

First Prize: Jennifer Drogell for The Divorce Party (Harlequin Presents). Jennifer is the lucky recipient of a series publishing contract with Harlequin! Senior Editor Joanne Grant has already made THE CALL and Jennifer is thrilled.

Second Prize: Amber L. Whitford for In Defense of the Past (Harlequin Medical Romance). Amber wins a detailed editorial consultation on her manuscript. Senior Editor Sheila Hodgson can’t wait to read Amber’s revised manuscript—a letter has gone out.

Third Prize: Mel Sterling for Grand Theft, Auto (Harlequin Romantic Suspense). Mel will receive a year’s subscription to the series of her choice—free from Harlequin! Senior Editor Patience Bloom is eagerly awaiting Mel’s revised manuscript—a revision letter is on its way.

Congratulations to our three talented finalists—winners in every way possible!

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One last note of encouragement… Over 60 writers who originally entered the SYTYCW contest have been contacted by the Harlequin editors—and asked to either submit a full manuscript or revise the project. We’ll keep you posted on any additional contracts!