New Season, New Chance to Write that Book!

By Katie Gowrie

Summer’s winding down, and while dropping temperatures are a bummer, I’ll be gearing up for all the things September brings (read: going wild with the anticipation of fun cable knits, pumpkin spiced lattes, and stargazing—if you’re a Torontonian, September means annual celebrity invasion for the Toronto International Film Festival).

A change in season can often feel like a chance to change your life. For many people, it means back to school—I haven’t prepared for that in a long time, but when you do just that every September throughout your formative years, the mentality tends to stick.

September is like New Year’s—an opportunity to buckle down, refresh, or start over. Everything you said you’d do and didn’t over the summer doesn’t matter, because now’s your time. And that means it’s time to get started on that book you’ve been putting off. Perhaps you have the seed of an idea, or you’ve already started planning it but are reluctant to begin writing.

So You Think You Can Write invites you to boot those doubts
out the window and dive right in!

Starting a new writing project can be scary. But you’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try. Perhaps you’re not sure what you’re trying to say, or you have trouble getting into the groove because you tend to self-edit as you write. Take some quiet time to define your vision and your message, make an outline, if you’re a planner, and when it’s time to start writing, do what you need to kick those perfectionist habits. Once that first draft is on paper, you’ll have plenty of time to polish it.

Finding time in your busy schedule to write can feel impossible, but as with any commitment in life, make the time. Take this chance as we go into fall to embrace the return of routine. If you can only write for one hour a week, there’s nothing wrong with that—a solid habit will take you far. The great thing about being a writer today is that there are so many tools available to help you on your writing journey. There are writing apps galore out there, many of which help you outline your story visually, and allocate space to jot down notes and save research. If there’s a tool you think you need, it probably exists.

We’re rooting for you!

As always, keep reading, keep writing, stay inspired and stay positive!

Are you starting a new project or moving forward with a WIP? Share where you’re at with your writing in the comments below!

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Lower temperatures? Today’s high is supposed to be 92 with 89% humidity, feels like 100 to 105 degrees. How do you think when your brain is fried? Go away Summer! We want Fall!! I love lattes but can no longer have them. Must lose weight, sell to Harlequin, and gain better health! Any order is fine with me. 🙂

Those are great goals, Chrissie! Best of luck to you! (And yes, I’m so thrown by these warm temperatures I wasn’t expecting this week!)

I have started planning a story targeted for either Intrigue or Love Inspired Suspense. I’m not sure right yet which one. I also have a couple of ideas targeted for Love Inspired. More blitzes? Yay!! Will they be for all series at the same time or just different series at different times?

Usually each series will plan their own blitzes, so keep an eye out for any lines that have one fall/winter (Facebook, Twitter, and here, of course!)

Thank you, Katie! So excited!! My are glued! LOL! While waiting, I will be working on my stories to submit via regular submissions.

Good idea, Kimberley! Keeping an eye out for blitzes is a good idea in general, but no need to wait for one if you have a story ready! We accept submissions anytime through our regular channels.

I’m currently working on my #CarinaPitch request and while I love It, it’s a new genre for me so the process has been slow. A lot of second-guessing myself. I’m hoping to finish in the next 6 weeks and send it in. I can Use ALL the writery juju!!!

Started a new project this week after submitting a book last week to Harlequin Desire.
I also have to remind myself that I can go back and fix it. As long as I have the gist of what I want to say, I can edit later and move forward.
It has become my writing mantra.

Agreed, Marcie! Once that first draft is out, you can take all the time you need to polish it and really make it shine 🙂

I am outlining a series for Love Inspired and an almost Gothic romantic suspense for Love Inspired Suspense. Also, a clean historical romance, maybe.

I do have a WIP! I was hoping to have it completed by September but wasn’t able to. I will be working on during Autumn such a good book!

Now that fall is here and I submitted (Yay!), I am hoping to do some detailed research on some historical romance projects I would like to write. They are the prequels to some of my contemporary romantic suspense novels. They’re set in Alaska in the 1920-1960. People have heard about the Klondike gold rush, but there’s quite a bit of history that shaped Alaska that is just as important that has been glossed over

Sounds like an interesting topic, Daniella! Good luck with this (research can be so much fun!).

I submitted my first partial manuscript as part of the Romance Includes You blitz. I’m still feeling the buzz of doing it.
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

I love all the Harlequin books, I have an idea for a Historical Romance, that happens takes place after the civil war.

I love all of the Harlequin books. I do have an idea for an historical romance that takes place right after the civil war.

Doing a total revamp of a MS. Making it a sweet romance and changing a ton of details. The bones are there, just trying to make my characters more relatable. (That’s the critique I’ve gotten most often when querying.) I’m also writing this for me, not to get a publisher or an agent. Not saying I won’t try again someday, but that’s not my goal right now.

I’m definitely a summer girl so I wasn’t too fond of the cooler temperatures the last few days. Just saw that it will hit 33 this weekend in Toronto so my silent prayers have been answered.
Thanks for the encouragement, Katie. Just started working on something new this week so your post is quite timely.

Yes, the weather has been wonderful so far! I’m kind of hoping it stays like this, haha. All the best, Traci.

As Emily Rodmell reminded us yesterday, if you write 500 words a day, you’ll have a 50,000 word manuscript completed by the end of the year. That’s my goal.

I love September! Although where I live school starts in August which feels way to early and too hot! I have a couple of Love Inspired story ideas I’d like to try. It’s hard to choose just one!

Hi there and thank you for your inspirational post. I have recently had an idea for a story but I am only in the initial stages of writing. I hope to have an outline soon and the first few chapters, so that I can submit as soon as possible.

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