So how’s SOLD! doing? Harlequin Minds Want to Know!

We started the SOLD! blog about two months ago in the hopes of giving some pertinent, useful information to would-be Harlequin authors.

And we want to thank you for the tweets and retweets, the comments, and most of all for coming back!

We do think we’ve achieved many of our goals–but it’s equally important to make sure we’re getting things right for you!

So we’d love some feedback–what have been the most useful posts? Which ones do you want to see more of? Which ones can we skip over if the information is elsewhere?

Should we concentrate on more “The Call” stories? Insights into editors? Into authors? Fun bits? Continue to focus on the lines (though we’ve covered many of them so will slow down there a bit)? Repurpose more writing tips? Go over the SYTYCW2013 elements? Discuss some of the page ones that weren’t reviewed there? Have some additional Story Starter things just for this blog? Work more closely with the Harlequin Community? Highlight some other things that Harlequin does with authors?

We’re open to some experimentation in the hopes of giving the most relevant and important information to you, the would-be authors.

So sound off if you would, and let us know what you want to get from us!

Thank you!

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I’m going to give feedback based on some of what you stated above:
Would LOVE to see –

Highlights on other things Harlequin does with authors
Author insights
Call stories
More Story Starter contests

I would also like to add:
The First Year of a Debut Author – she gets the Call and then what? What’s that first year like after selling?


I think that First Year of a Debut Author would be a fantastic idea, and could lead to a series of rather interesting blog posts.

I love the pieces where authors are interviewed about their work. I also love the call stories. I would like to see more pieces on debut authors–from the call, to what happens after–how they promote their books, what they are working on next, if they quit their day job or not, how they felt when they finally saw their book in the wild, etc.

I like the advice pieces, such as the one recently posted where Allison Carrol told authors what to avoid in their Romantic Suspense manuscripts, and the discussion on hooks by Patience Bloom and some of the other editors. I would love to see more of these.

I would like to see some articles where the editors discuss what made them acquire a specific title–it not only sheds light on what the editor finds appealing in a manuscript, but we get to see the excitement on the other side of the call.

I think the Sold blog team is doing an amazing job thus far, and I can’t wait to see what new things you do in the future. 🙂

I really enjoy reading the Editor comments and suggestions. It is nice to know what they want and if it saves them time and us aspiring authors time, well, it is a win-win situation.

I also loved the variety and think it has a great balance of content so I would not cut anything you have featured.

I’m sure my fellow newbies discovered through So You Think You Can Write would be more than happy to share the journey, and what it’s been like since The Call. I had a revision letter, and then came the Art Fact Sheet, and now I’m doing line edits. After that, I will get Author Alterations, the last chance to correct any errors. Harlequin/Mills & Boon are almost unique in the amount of editorial advice and author input they encourage. I’m so thrilled to be one of the authors discovered last year, even though my entry didn’t final. 🙂

Thank you for this feedback! It certainly help us to figure out some next steps. We’ll try to incorporate some of these suggestions–and already have a few posts lined up!

Don’t forget to email any other brilliant ideas!


Writing tips and editor’s advice are my favorite posts. I also like the Acquisition Roundup – I like to learn what piques an editor’s interest. The Story Starter Contest was fun, and maybe you could work with the Harlequin Community for the next one. I didn’t know this blog existed until SYTYCW, and now I check it daily. Thanks for all the information you share here.

I love the insights into an editor’s brain…but would love sparkly Call stories and story starters. I love this blog…it’s very different from anything else I read.

I really like the SOLD blog. Especially when the editors give their likes/dislikes and tips of the trade. Very valuable info. Acquisition Roundup is great too – hope to see my name there one day 😀

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