My Ultimate Crush: Batman

Carina author Kelly Jensen shares her ultimate crush with us this week and it is none other than the darkly delicious …Batman

Unlike most superheroes, Batman is not “super”. He has a very human story of loss, revenge, pain and redemption. He has to work damn hard to be who he wants to be, regardless of his wealth and position. Behind the mask—because he’s the most human of super heroes—he is always Bruce Wayne. I don’t know that Batman is an alter ego for him; rather, the caped crusader is simply a facet of a huge and complicated personality. The mask and cape are his uniform and he dons them as would a fireman leaving the stationhouse.

It’s his humanity that speaks to me, however. It’s such an integral part of his character, of his struggle. He battles with himself as much as he does the villains of Gotham. His need for revenge clashes with his desire to protect the weak and the innocent, to make sure no one has to experience the same bewilderment of loss he did. I admire his dedication and I perhaps even envy his ability to flirt with the darkness within, and not totally lose himself to it…though it’s been a close thing.

He’s not a nice man, but he’s good. The Dark Knight is such an apt title for him because he has honor and a cause, but he’s not someone you’d necessarily like to bump into in a dark alley. But he embraces who he is because to do otherwise would be to see others hurt.

As a man, he wouldn’t be easy to love, but on the right day, very easy to admire. Anyone who imagined themselves in any sort of partnership with Bruce Wayne would have to accept the fact that he is and always will be Batman, even after he hangs up the cape. I don’t think they’d necessarily have to understand that part of him, though. I’m not sure we ever truly know every facet of our partners. I’m not sure we have to. Love is a journey, after all.

We’re totally with Kelly on this one! But which superhero is your ultimate crush? Let us know!