My Ultimate Crush: A Good Rogue

recite-7z2su6This week Harlequin Medical Romance author Tina Beckett, @tina_beckett, shows us all why a GOOD Rogue is the Ultimate Crush!

I love a good rogue. Note the adjective there: good. A good rogue. The kind of rogue who’s convinced himself he’s only in it for the money (or the fame…or the women—insert whatever his vice is here). Except when it comes down to it, this kind of rogue is never quite able to follow through with those plans. His heart gets in the way. Every single time.

So what is an example of a good rogue—one I would consider hero material? I actually can’t pin it down to a single character, so I cheated and listed two. You’ll see why in a few minutes. (And I had serious crushes on both of these bad—yet oh-so-good—boys).

My first crush is Han Solo. I can’t think of a much more romantic story than his turned out to be.


Through all of his blustering and pretense and macho swaggering, he had a serious case of the hots for Princess Leia. Only he denied it. For a long time.

And at the beginning of the Star Wars trilogy he was not in a position to be a good partner. To anyone (other than maybe Chewbacca). And yet he grew and changed, while maintaining that roguish—somewhat rough—quality that I personally love in a hero. <dreamy sigh>


My second crush would be bad boy Mal Reynolds from Firefly (coincidentally, the word “mal” can mean “bad” in Portuguese—do you see a pattern here?). That man made my heart go pitty-pat.


And placing these two characters side by side, I actually see a lot of similarities. Both have rough, gruff, seemingly greedy exteriors that hide a deep-seated loyalty for those they care about. That’s what makes these particular rogues heroes, in my opinion. Because when push comes to shove, each is willing to give up his life to protect those he loves.



Out of curiosity, I just did a quick internet search to see if anyone else thinks these characters are a lot alike. It would seem I am not alone. <happy grin>

true feelings

Yep, I told you. I love a good rogue.
Or two!


Do you agree with Tina? We certainly do! Who is your Ultimate #RogueCrush? Tells us below!