My Editor Crush: Ryan Reynolds

by Kayla King

Hello, I’m here to speak with you about my editor crush. It was only secret for about the 114 minutes of secondhand embarrassment I endured while watching Green Lantern, but Ryan, honey, we’ve come so far.

That’s right. My crush is Ryan Reynolds.

I know, I know, shocking literally no one.

But just in case you need some convincing, let me expound upon some of his virtues. When a girl and her boyfriend split just two days after prom, she edited Ryan Reynolds into the pictures over her ex and he responded because he’s here for his fans on another level:

When Wonder Woman surpassed Deadpool at the box office at $638 million, Ryan Reynolds reminded us that there’s only one response:

Game recognizes game. Ryan Reynolds is known for honoring and respecting women—oh, wait, he’s just a decent human being.

Just look at this spoof with Sandra Bullock and Betty White for The Proposal (rife with inappropriate language, fyi):

That self-deprecating charm. The inappropriate humor.

Okay, and he’s not hideous.

I also present, for your consideration, this timeline of Ryan Reynolds and his deep and abiding love of dogs.

Hey, I’m just getting started. I haven’t even started talking about his family yet. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are my celebrity OTP, totally perfect and totally untouchable, unless I get famous and marry the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s.

Seriously, they’re so wonderful, and beautiful. It’s like looking directly into the sun.

And in case that didn’t totally blow out your retinas, they have two precious daughters who I believe will save the world with love and peace someday, like magical girls.

Seeing this stellar family unit just makes me want to cry.

And he knows how lucky he is.  But rather than shove it in our faces, because Ryan Reynolds is actually very sweet and considerate, he does things like this instead:

Oh, Ryan Reynolds. He loves his children, loves his wife, and is literally a comic book…hero?

You’re doing great, sweetie.


6 replies on “My Editor Crush: Ryan Reynolds”

I definitely see Ryan Reynolds being someone’s celebrity crush. Funny, debonair, charming, genuinely kind, and looks good in and out of a tux. What’s not to like? Excellent choice Kayla.

Kayla, I think Ryan Reynolds has that ineffable charm of manner which, like Cary Grant, makes him so universally appealing.
I might give Deadpool a go. I don’t like gore or gratuitous violence, and have been warned I wouldn’t like it, but if I don’t try, I won’t know. Thanks for the recommendation you gave to Chrissie.

I loved Ryan in The Proposal. (Sandra Bullock is a huge favorite of mine.) It was the best ever movie and it made me giggle so many times. I think he has his calling in Romantic Comedy more than the serious movies. I actually sat through the whole movie of Buried just hoping for a HEA. 🙁 I haven’t seen Deadpool.

The Proposal is hands-down one of my favorite movies of all time. And you should give Deadpool a shot! Honestly, it’s a rom-com. And a superhero movie, sure. But mostly a rom-com.

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