More Twitter Tips from Harlequin Editors….

Writing tips fly fast and furious on Twitter these days. Here’s a selection from the past few weeks…


Emily Rodmell @EmilyRodmell
Follow guidelines, but don’t worry so much about “rules” that you commit the worst violation: writing a boring book.

Susan Litman @Susan_Litman
Never, ever submit anything to an editor or agent without a cover letter. That’s the quickest way to no reply. Also, unprofessional.

Emily Rodmell @EmilyRodmell
Unless your characters are professional chefs or restaurant reviewers, they shouldn’t spend half the book sitting down to a meal & talking.

Kathleen Scheibling ‏@KScheibling
Do your eyes change color when you feel anger, passion, etc.? Because I bet they don’t. #romancecliche

Emily Rodmell  ‏@EmilyRodmell
Romance readers want a satisfying happily ever after, not a hastily ever after. Don’t wrap up the story in a page. Let them savor the moment

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro
I love the story surprises that come with editing a book for another editor. I get to be a fresh reader who doesn’t know the ending.

Emily Rodmell ‏@EmilyRodmell
It’s ok to play with writing in different genres at first. But when you get serious about selling your work, pick one and become an expert.

Stacy Boyd @Stacy_Boyd
Other times revisions mean cutting the whole first chapter, or completely rewriting a character’s motivation

So follow these editors–and our others!–throughout the days and weeks and you’ll find lots of good writing tips.