Making Your Resolutions

Although we shouldn’t wait till New Year’s to make improvements in our lives, it does give us a handy point to set out some goals.

Here are some nuggets to think about….

Write every day:

Set daily, reachable goals.

Use tools from SYTYCW or  NANOWRIMO or other areas to keep moving forward on your manuscripts.

If you’re stuck on a project, brainstorm yourself out of it with a friend or critique partner.

Working on two projects can keep enthusiasm high–but don’t forget that manuscripts need to be finished before they can be submitted.


Submit your polished manuscript:

Though these days there are many routes to publication, just remember that there are also many books clamoring for a reader’s attention. So be sure you submit your best work.

And make it a goal to submit at least one manuscript by the end of the year–and be finishing up on the next!


Get up and move about:

As we take care of our imagination, we also need to care for our bodies.

Drink as much water as you can, get as much sleep as possible, get up and move around throughout the day, work in exercises throughout the week.


Refresh your energies:

Don’t forget friends and family.

Get out and people watch–listen to how they talk (though of course transcribing dialogue doesn’t quite work!).

Read books, watch movies–with both a critical eye for technique and plot, but also for sheer enjoyment.

Social media is wonderful and useful, but it shouldn’t take over your writing time!

Take a chance on something new–whether testing out a sport, a different restaurant, a different mode of transportation or something challenging–each week.

And sometimes a mini-retreat–even if it’s just a mani-pedi or a bath or sitting in the park for a few hours–can be incredibly refreshing.

Enjoy 2014–and may your goals come true!

Any other advice to share?