Make a Date with Desire: Meet August Desire debut author Kimberley Troutte

SYTYCW caught up with the New York Times bestselling author as her first Desire, Forbidden Lovers, hits the bookshelves…

SYTYCW: You’ve written for other publishers besides Desire. What was the road to getting your first book published?

Kimberley Troutte: I’m not an overnight success. I worked on my first novel for twenty years because I was afraid to let anyone read it. When my boys were born, I wanted them to go after their dreams and knew I should, too. Gathering my courage, I began submitting to agents and editors. In 2008, Samhain Publishing bought a novella and the twenty-year novel. Two books sold! I was on my way, right?

Not exactly…

My editor left Samhain and I didn’t sell another book for FIVE years. It was disheartening, but I kept writing, finding my voice and learning my craft.

In 2014, my first military romance was a contest finalist and several agents requested the full. At the same time, a small publisher made an offer for a different Inspirational Romantic Suspense. I was on my way again!

Not quite…The agents worried they couldn’t brand me since I wrote in two genres. They all passed.

At this low point, a group of authors liked my military romance and included it in a boxed set. We sold exceptionally well. Book two in my series achieved a RITA nomination for excellence (I lost to Nora Roberts). I’d found my voice, confidence and an agent.

My fantastic agent submitted Forbidden Lovers to Harlequin Desire.


STYTCW: What has been your favorite thing about writing for Desire?

KT: Harlequin has some of the best editors in the industry. It is important for me to produce better books each time. Stacy Boyd and the Harlequin Desire team work hard to make the best books possible. I adore my team.

SYTYCW: Your new series, Plunder Cove, is about a family descended from pirates. What inspired you to write about this?

KT: Long ago, pirates came ashore in my town, leaving their mark. The high school mascot is a pirate. The discount card for local stores and restaurants is the “pirate pass.” I’m surrounded by them, matey. I wonder how many of my own neighbors are descendants.

STYTCW: If you had to give aspiring authors only one piece of advice, what would it be?

KT: Find your people. I have a beautiful network of author friends who travel the journey with me. Sometimes they’re faster and I can barely see them up there in the golden sunshine, and yet, they help if I stumble, and cheer when I pass another mile marker. Other friends are just starting out, trying to find their rhythm. I urge them on and critique their fledgling words with love. We’re all stepping over obstacles, ignoring internal hecklers in our psyches, juggling real life balls, opening our hearts for our fans, being true to our characters, and trying not to land on our faces. My people ply me with hugs, coffee, chocolate, and snatch the bullhorn away when my internal voice gets too loud. I wouldn’t be published without my people. Love them.