Harlequin’s Acquisition Roundup for September!

Each month we’re doing a brief recap of some recent acquisitions. As a reminder, on average Harlequin editors need to acquire four books every business day to meet next year’s schedule. In 2012 there were 65 new to Harlequin authors acquired, and as of August there are 53 for 2013….

September was a bit of a quiet month for us—only 55 titles acquired!

Some highlights—

Two Cosmo titles ( from Christine d’Abo and Erin McCarthy) were acquired. But we’re looking for more—especially hoping to find a debut author! It’s an exciting program and the stories are fantastic!

Desire is starting up a new Texas Cattleman’s Club series—and Janice Maynard, Catherine Mann, Sara Orwig, Cat Schield, Sarah M. Anderson, Michelle Celmer and Kathie DeNosky are all taking part in it!

Harlequin Digital has also been busy with 9 acquisitions! Love Inspired was close behind with 8 and Kimani and Superromance had 7 each.

Margaret Daley is this month’s acquisition queen with 8 titles contracted from two lines! Both Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense are delighted to publish this author.  She’ll be stopping by here at SOLD! in a few weeks to give some insight into juggling deadlines and series!

Debut authors for this month include new to Harlequin authors: Naomi Bellina (HD1), Flo Fitzpatrick (Heartwarming—she’s featured in a blog next week!), Naomi King (Love Inspired), Sheryl Lister (Kimani), Denise McDonald (HD1), and And we especially welcome the true debut authors: Lisa Dyson (Superromance) and Mary Jo Springer (HD1).

And some authors–like  Nicole Helm (Superromance) and Maggie Wells (HD1) are changing imprints/lines. We’ve got lots to offer!

And just to note, Melissa Endlich (Senior Editor, Love Inspired, @MelissaEndlich) with 11 acquisitions and Malle Vallik (Director, Editorial Digital Initiatives, @MalleVallik) with 8 acquisitions were our busiest editors. But we know they are still looking out for more projects!

Congratulations all!

Don’t forget to check our Writing Guidelines for info on submitting to us. And track the various series on Twitter or follow #HarlequinBooks.

 Happy reading–and writing!