Author Challenge: Synopsis Critique Results


Thank you to all the authors who participated in the synopsis challenge! We had such a good time reading through the many quality entries, and we wish you all the best of luck with your submissions. With a range of settings and unique story ideas featuring celebrity chefs,music teachers, cowboys and bookshop owners, you crafted your synopses with succinctness and style! From hundreds of submissions we randomly selected six to critique. For feedback from our expert editors, read on!

SYTYCW Synopsis As Long As We Both Shall Live

SYTYCW Synopsis_Ballroom Dance Romance by Chris Buono

SYTYCW Synopsis_Recipe of Love by Kimmie Ferrell

SYTYCW Synopsis_A Second Chance at Love by Stephanie Hand

SYTYCW Synopsis_Can’t Deny My Love by Jo Hughes

SYTYCW Synopsis_Stone’s Heart by Darby Karchut


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8 replies on “Author Challenge: Synopsis Critique Results”

Congrats to all who received feedback!

Looks like there will be some tough competition for SYTYCW this fall!

Thanks so much, Editors, for selecting my “Ballroom Dance Romance” SYTYCW Synopsis Entry to critique! What great feedback you gave me! 🙂

All of your points can easily be worked/answered in the unfolding plot — some already have been. 😉

Thanks again, Editors, for your hard work, help, and encouragement. I’m looking forward to SYTYCW 2015! 🙂

Congrats to critique winners. Although I wasn’t one of them the information the editors gave was awesome and will help me in my own writing. Love it and the boot camp!!

Thanks for all the info during the boot camp.
Just wondering, how many pages should the synopsis end up for the actual contest entry?

Thank you so much for offering the feedback on my synopsis and congrats to everyone who received critiques.

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