Advice from the Stars: Maisey Yates

Today’s motivational quote on writing is from the fabulous RITA 2016 nominee Maisey Yates!

maisey yates

Maisey Yates’s RITA 2016 nomination in the Contemporary Romance: Long category is

Brokedown Cowboy

brokedown cowboy

2 replies on “Advice from the Stars: Maisey Yates”

Thank you for the advise. I am my worse enemy and often sabotage myself. I agree and I will view it all as my responsibility.

I look at you Maisey Yates and see how far you have come. You are the dream… young family, caravan to owning your own house. It’s about following your dreams. I am so proud of you and what you have achieved and the family you have behind you. Grow stronger, be stronger and follow your dream. You have this huge talent. What you said is correct. It’s not easy and I have to go the next stage. At least I have now finished stories, take a deep breath and plunge into the future. So honoured and proud to know you in such a small way, yet you touch so many hearts and souls. xxx

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