Announcing the So You Think You Can Write 2015 Top 10 Finalists!


The Harlequin editors have read the So You Think You Can Write Top 25 and selected 10 finalists based on voice, content and writing skills. Congratulations to all of our finalists!

We were thrilled with the imagination and diversity represented in our entries this year! Our Top 10 features settings across the globe and beyond, from vampires and shape shifters to celebrity chefs and rock stars, and seven Harlequin categories, including Carina Press.

Now YOU weigh in! Help us choose the next debut Harlequin author! Click on the links below to read the full manuscripts. Post comments, share your favorites and vote for the manuscript you think should win So You Think You Can Write 2015!

You can vote one (1) time per day during the Top 10 voting phase. Voting closes on November 17, 2015 at 4:59 pm EST, and the Grand Prize winner of a two-book Harlequin series contract will be announced on November 19, 2015. See our Contest Rules for complete details on voting and prizes.

Can’t wait to get started? Here are the Top 10! Read, discuss, share and vote!


by J.T. Chapman

Harlequin Nocturne



For Callie, life begins with death.

With death comes the opportunity to put an old ghost to rest. Justifiable homicide Sam called it. For George’s victims, it’s sweet revenge. For the twins, it’s the starting point for a new way of life.

With a little help from a few vampires, shape shifters, a teenage witch, and a long-lost relative, newly-turned vampire Callie discovers that magic not only exists, it dwells within her blood. And supernaturals want it. They’d kill to have it.

Everybody loves Callie. They just can’t help themselves.

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Crazy Enough

by Heather McGhee

Carina Press



It was supposed to be an easy job. Get to Mexico, get photos of that bastard Niro, and get home. But photojournalist Corkie Brooks did not account for a lone Army Ranger kidnapping her, stealing her photos and then protecting her.

Lt. Alex Spears wants to destroy the man who killed his father. He never expects to see a pretty photographer in the middle of his top secret mission. To save his career, his life and his sanity, Alex must guard Corkie from herself and from the men chasing them.

Together, they might be crazy enough to survive.

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by Macy Pearson

Harlequin Nocturne



The out of balance world requires a physical embodiment of light and dark. Raised in the woods by her guardian, the only thing Mila knew about her other, darker half, Ashton, was that he wanted her powers badly enough to kill her.

That is, until they meet: nothing goes as planned, and they’re inexplicably drawn to each other, in every sense. Mila is learning she won’t get rid of Ashton so easily, nor is he the real enemy. She’ll have to find another way to achieve harmony for the world—and it looks like the solution resides in Ashton.

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The Emperor’s Arrow

by Lauren D.M. Smith

Carina Press



Sent as one of the emperor’s bride candidates, Evony isn’t pleased. She might be a trained Amazzi warrior, but she knows little of the palace. It’s her difference that draws the attention of the emperor and as she finds out more about the man who conquered the world, she can’t deny her attraction to him. She knows she’s falling for him, but she can’t crack the shell he erected after the assassination of his sister. As a plot for his throne unfolds, Evony has to choose her honour and that of her people or her love for the emperor.

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Finding Home

by Amy M. Newman

Harlequin Special Edition



Bad-boy turned bush pilot Conner Morgan was content with his life until Andie Turner reentered it. He could easily fall for her, if only her Christmas shop wasn’t in his building—the one he’s about to sell to developers.

Andie hasn’t seen Conner since he broke her heart in high school. She’d never get involved with him now, but only he can save her little shop on the shores of Lake Superior. As they work together to renovate the historic building in hopes of attracting a different buyer, Andie wonders, is the bad-boy actually good for her now?

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Letting Go

by Rebecca Baker

Carina Press



Two years ago Jace lost the love of his life in a car accident.

With his best friend Ben’s help, Jace is ready to start dating. Only, how do you find genuine dates when you’re in a famous rock band? Enter the internet.

Jace joins a dating site and meets Jericho, a SNAG who seems to like the same things as Jace. Scared of moving on, Jace shares a secret with Ben and asks something of him that changes their friendship forever.

Jace is left confused about what he really wants… will he make his decision too late?

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Out of Focus

by Fallon DeMornay

Harlequin Superromance



Eva Turner’s a single mom in witness protection hoping to start over and establish lifelong roots on Haven Island. But things get complicated when her small-scale photography business goes viral.

Marshall Davies is a world-weary investigative journalist (suffering PTSD) with his eye on a coveted promotion that will get him out of the field (and line of fire.) He’s exposed terrorists and slippery politicians; a single mother should be child’s play.

While passion blooms and her past closes in, Eva has to somehow elude the spotlight (and charismatic Marshall) or risk losing not only her new life/identity, but custody of her girls.

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Sleeping with Ghosts

by Nina Marlowe

Harlequin Blaze



Sharp-tongued ghostwriter Claudia Nyman is getting serious. At least, that’s the plan until she’s hired by drop-dead gorgeous Daniel Cunningham, founder of grassroots travel company Atlas Adventure. Daniel may be a gentleman in the eyes of his employees, but his resolve seems to head directly to the nearest exit whenever he’s around Claudia.

Claudia vows to end their clandestine office relationship after a sizzling business trip to Buenos Aires, but Daniel isn’t prepared to give up that easily. Claudia is smart, talented and their chemistry is electrifying—so why is she always hiding in the shadows?

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Smoldering the Flames

by Kimmie Ferrell

Harlequin Kimani Romance



Angela Peterson is flat-out broke and struggling after sinking her life’s savings into her once failing music program. Now unable to send her students on a once in a lifetime trip to Madrid, she turns to the school’s number one benefactor—and the man she once loved—Daniel Knight for assistance.

The media and fans of celebrity chef Daniel Knight crave the one thing the restauranteur fails to serve—commitment, and he’s in the pressure cooker. When Angela appears asking for his help after fifteen years, he’s reluctant until he cooks up a plan that will benefit them both.

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A Soldier’s Princess

by Lexi Fairfax

Harlequin Romantic Suspense



When biological scientist Princess Alana Volkava finds herself in danger as next in line to the throne, she never expected Special Forces Major Gage McAllister to come to her rescue. With a past they both tried to forget and a threat to thousands of lives, will they unravel the plot in time? Two dangers. One outcome. Who will win? The one trying to take her throne? Or the one who wants to steal her heart?

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