10 Ways to Write a Sexy Sheikh!


Read on for our top tips on how to make the most of one of our favorite alpha heroes…

  1. The Sheikh is as high-fantasy as a romance hero can get, so embrace this freedom and feel that you can really push those limits!
  2. That said, the reader still needs to be able to understand your hero’s actions– so think about how you can root his motivations in reality. A Sheikh’s power is licence for high-handed behavior…but we always want to care about him, and believe the heroine can too.
  3. Your Sheikh needs to be more than just a Sheikh! Don’t forget that ‘Sheikh’ is a title, not a ready-made character… Your hero may be royalty, but he also needs to be so much more!
  4. Of course, a Sheikh has the weight of a kingdom resting on his (broad, muscular) shoulders – so the classic theme of duty vs. desire can be a great place to start with your desert prince!
  5. However, even when he’s bound by duty, a sexy Sheikh won’t meekly follow his ancestors’ traditions if he doesn’t want to, so think about how you can inject your hero with a delicious rebellious spirit!
  6. Even if your story mainly takes place outside the Sheikh’s kingdom, don’t miss the opportunity to show the reader your hero in his element – they’ll be eager to see him sweep the heroine to his land!
  7. Immerse your reader in the unique beauty of the desert. After all, what heroine doesn’t want to be treated to a starlit seduction in the sands?
  8. Whilst his desert kingdom may be a culture-shock for a heroine from a different world, it’s important that as a 21st century woman that she still wants to spend time there – so think about ways your hero can convince her she’ll live happily ever after there!
  9. And of course, a Sheikh is never sexier than when he finally meets his match, and discovers that the challenge of ruling a kingdom is nothing compared to the challenge of winning the perfect woman!
  10. The most satisfying moment for a reader is the one when a Sheikh realizes his true power – that no matter how torn he is between protecting his people and his desire for the heroine…he can do both!

Are you planning to write a sexy Sheikh? Let us know in the comments below!