10 Reasons to Love a Cowboy!


Ok fine, we admit it – editors can be shallow. But honestly – who can resist a cowboy hero? Here are the reasons why we definitely can’t…!

  1. There’s no sexier greeting than a ‘howdy ma’am’ in a sultry western drawl…
  2. See 1, but accompanied by a tipping of the Stetson
  3. He’s a man who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty…
  4. All that manual labour = impressive guns! 😉
  5. Jeans plus a checked shirt (especially with the sleeves rolled up) is always a winning combo!
  6. He’s kind to animals, which obviously means he’ll make a great father
  7. Not that we’re superficial, but he usually owns acres of gorgeous land and beautiful homestead
  8. He’s usually also a general pillar of the community who everyone loves
  9. Endless opportunities for a throw down in a barn/on a hay bale etc etc
  10. All that fearless rodeo riding. Yeehaw!

Anything we’ve missed, let us know below the line…!